Publish 7 – The Secrets of Dromund Kaas

Dromund Kaas Changes

  • New mobs, bosses and loot added to the following places
    • Gundark Cave
    • Prophet Trooper Garrison and Dark Force Temple (Renamed Imperial Garrison)
    • Mailoc Cave
    • Ruins of Kaas City (redesigned layout)
    • Ruins of Kaas Temple (redesigned layout)
    • Ruined Sith Complex (redesigned layout)
  • The Smuggler’s Outpost has been upgraded with a cantina and added to the world map
  • The Ancient Tomb (Renamed Tomb of Vitiate) has new mobs and a name change
  • new World Boss has been added with new craftable loot

Tansarii Station Changes

  • Can now travel via Naboo starports/shuttleports
  • Added beginner quest available from Station Master
  • Added Veteran Reward Showcase (bottom level)
  • Added Vendors for new custom items (top level)
    • Effect Rocks
    • Vanity Pets
    • Entertainer Props

Jedi Changes

  • Players can now drop Force Sensitive skills after completing a Quest
  • Avoid Incap costs 1.5x force if called before it has worn off
  • Added Jedi Crafting tapes to various loot groups
  • Changed Force Shield to cost the same force as Force Armor
  • Changed Holocron use cooldown to 3h
  • Reduced the amount of people required to heal in the village Phase 4, from 50/100 to 5/10

Added Dual City Specs

  • Enhancement Center: Medical Center and Entertainment District
  • Industrial Complex: Manufactuing Center, Research Center and Resource Rich
  • Citadel: Improved Job Market, h4hold, Cloning Lab

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added Buff Removal Terminals in Theed Medical Center
  • Added Homeshow Badge
  • Added Homeshow Reward
  • Added new vet rewards up to 360 days
  • Added SEA Removal Tool Vendor to Geo caves [Thanks to SWG: Infinity for the tool]
  • Fixed Badges so that new ones now show [Thanks to Aso – Reckoning]
  • Reduced Crafting tool time to 1s regardless of item crafted
  • Reduced Flourish action cost
  • Reduced Vehicle call time to 5s, 15s with TEF
  • Removed the range limitation of /makeleader command
  • Renamed the Acklay Egg

Pet Changes

  • Tauntauns can now be made into mounts
  • Nerfs are now tameable and can be made into CH only mounts
  • Faction pets can now only attack bounty hunters of opposite faction
    • Known issue: BHs can attack faction pets of the same faction, attacking a non-opposite faction pet is considered griefing and will be dealt with accordingly
  • Buffed AT-XTs to be on par with AT-STs
  • Added AT-XTs to bases
  • Changed AT-XTs so you can only call one at a time

Doctor Changes

  • Action Buffs take same resources as the rest
  • Medicine Use tapes work

Housing Fixes

  • Fixed Diner: now costs maintenance and can be dropped on multiple planets
  • House Signs added to all NGE houses

Loot and NPCs

  • Adjusted Axkva Min, she should no longer be able to 1-shot
  • NPCs are now using force powers again, which are back to pre-jedi tweak stats
  • Added craftable rings with stats based on looted components
  • Added custom painting for May the 4th
  • Added Cybernetics schematics
  • Added Dark Jedi Furniture
  • Added Data Disk and Jellyfish Holograms
  • Added lootable NS and SMC clothes to NS and SMC respectively
  • Added new melee weapon components and schematics
  • Added new vehicle schematic
  • Added Xeno Furniture schematics
  • Changed Mawgax to carnivore meat instead of domesticated meat
  • Reduced Mawgax youth meat drop
  • Slight increase to drop chance on Giant Dune Kimogilas
  • Increased chance overall for Giant Dune Kimogila scales
  • Other miscellaneous loot tweaks


  • Added CorSec HQ to CNet
  • Removed the stun vulnerability from RIS
  • Removed Nal Hutta until content can be added


  • Created an admin only vendor for rewards
  • Modified getobjvars command to help decorate screenplays
  • Split SEAs up into different groups based on their stats (jedi, combat, crafting etc) to be able to further customise loot [Thanks to SWG: Infinity]
  • Fixed various shaders and strings2