Quality of Life

  • 1 Second Prototype Crafting and Practice
  • Decreased Factory Timers
  • Increased Harvester Extraction Rates
  • Increased 200 Items per lot Storage
  • Galaxy Harvester Automatically Updates, always know whats spawning
  • Speeder Improvements with faster variants, shorter call time and can store in combat
  • Aurilia Village One week phase changes
  • Species Restrictions Removed on clothing and armor
  • Armor Revamp Makes all sets viable and serve a purpose
  • Mission Terminals Provide descriptive assignments, 4 taken at once and 12 per page.
  • Healthy Economy No Anti-Decay Kits or Resource Deeds.

Experience Rates

  • 5x Experience in Combat
  • 5x Experience for Crafting
  • 5x Experience for Entertainer
  • 5x Experience on Slices and Investigation
  • 5x Experience on Scouting and Medicine
  • 2x Experience for Jedi*

*Jedi are not affected by double XP events

New Locations

9 New Planets

Explore massive landscapes, defeat new enemies, make friends, obtain new loot, complete dungeons and find new places to live.

New Species

25 Species to Play

  • Aqualish
  • Bith
  • Bothan
  • Chiss
  • Devaronian
  • Gotal
  • Gran
  • Human
  • Hutt
  • Rodian
  • Singing Mountain Clan
  • Ishi Tib
  • Ithorian
  • Mon Calamari
  • Nautolan
  • Nikto
  • Nightsister
  • Quarren
  • Sullustan
  • Talz
  • Trandoshan
  • Twi’lek
  • Weequay
  • Wookiee
  • Zabrak

Unlock Jedi

Visit the village of Aurilia

Jedi can be unlocked from completing the Aurilia Village theme park. Phases have been lowered to one week, visitation timers and phase requirements decreased for ease of access.

New Jedi Content

New lightsabers, crystal colors, profession balances and items improve the experience of playing a Jedi on Sentinels Republic.

Follow the Secrets of Dromund Kaas and relinquish your Force Sensitive skills after obtaining the rank of Jedi Padawan. No longer will you need to sacrifice 24 skills points to the village of Aurilia.

New Loot, Weapons and Armor

New and Unique Weapons and Armor

New Weapons such as the Xenoboric Lance and Bio-Knuckler. Some Combat Upgrade and New Game Enhancement weapons have been added as craftable weapons, including some old weapons that were previously unviable for combat that are now craftable with better stats.

New Cybernetics, craftable Factional armor and wearables from the CU and NGE.


Armor Revamp

Starting with Publish 8, all armor has had their stats adjust to make them more viable and useful for different encounters. Segments and enhancements have been overhauled to give every suit of armor on Sentinels Republic a purpose.

Better Loot

Balanced loot with better drop chances and stats that keep the Star Wars Galaxies economy healthy.

Housing and Decorations

NGE, CU and TCG Housing

Make home or set up shop in one of many new houses available. Some with special bonuses, others unique variations of previous designs. Increased vendor limits, listing duration and new city specializations help Artisans, Entertainers and Politicians alike!


Hundreds of New Items

From priceless artifacts, to unique junk, Sentinels Republic has hundreds of new items to loot, craft and grind for. Some hold new purpose, others will look nice on a shelf and some, are even shelves!

Event items, holiday rewards, costumes and furniture, there’s plenty of new rewards to seek on your ventures in the Star Wars Galaxies Universe.

Improvements and Additions

Attachments and Armor, Clothing Degradation

Attachments only drop with one stat and have the type of enhancement and value listed in the attachments name. Only valid attachments drop.

When armor and clothing reach zero condition, their attachments will no longer function. Players can retrieve these attachments using an SEA Removal Tool, which is obtained through a quest line at the Geonosian Cave.


New Player Experience

Start with extra credits and a set of armor to help you make yourself a home in the galaxy. Starter buffs are provided for players and short duration / low stat beginner buffs can be found at the Theed, Eisley and Coronet Med Centers and Cantinas.


Tansarii Crafting Courier

Located on Tansarii Station, the Tansarii Express Courier will buy your crafted items. Great for players new to the galaxy, or anyone looking to make a few quick credits.


Player Cities

City population requirements to set to 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Dual City specializations added. No Politician Experience required.


Reduced Skill Points

Novice Entertainer requires 0 skill points and each tree lowered from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4. Novice Artisan lowered to 5 skill points. Novice to Master Merchant costs 0 skill points. Novice Scout lowered to 5 skill points, cost of Trapping and Survival trees reduced from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4


Galactic Civil War

Rebels have access to AT-XTs, bases have been balanced to be similar between both factions, Stormtrooper and Marine armor schematics and Imperial / Rebel Command BARCs added to factional recruiters.


Exploration Quick Travel System

Be rewarded for scouting the galaxy. Acquiring exploration badges on planets allow you to quick travel to most POI locations as well dungeons such as the Death Watch Bunker and Geonosian Cave. Visit Tansarii Station and see a Travel Agent to learn more.

Other Changes

Sentinels Republic Tokens

Known as SR Coins, this currency can be used on Tansarii Station to purchase a variety of goods, including speeders, vanity pets, unique decorations, props and other items.

SR Coins can be acquired from events and certain high level mobs throughout the galaxy.

Revamps and Features

Better and more varied enhancements.

  • Booster Blue: H:200, S:200, C:200, A:200, St:200, Q:200, D:600
  • Crash and Burn: A:300, St:300, Q:300, D:1200
  • Gunjack: H:300, S:300, C:300, D:1200
  • Pyrepenol: A:750, St:450, Q:450, D:300
  • Sedative H4B: H:1250, A:1250, M:1250 D:180
  • Sweetblossum: H:750, S:450, C:450, D:200
  • Thrusterhead: M:750, F:450, W:450, D:300
  • Yarrock: M:300, F:300, W:300, D:1200
  • Zyopolene Droid: W:1250, D:180

New and unique stats.

  • Active Biosensors: Injury Treatment/Wound Treatment
  • Active Tranquilizers: Tame on aggro/Tame aggro
  • Bio Nanobots: Droid find speed/Droid find chance
  • Coagulant Agents: Bleeding Defense
  • Confidence Cloth: Block/Dodge
  • Constrictor Cloth: Dizzy
  • Enhanced Myoflex Treatment: Heal dance wounds/Heal music wounds
  • Fear Release: Warcry/Intimidate
  • Myoflex Cloth Treatment: Heal dance bf/Heal music bf
  • Passive Biosensors: Medical use/Healing wound speed
  • Passive reflex: Healing range
  • Passive Tranquilizers: Harvesting/Camps
  • Scent neutralization: Camouflage/Mask scent
  • Tensile Resistance: Stun/Melee Defense
  • Toughened Fibers: Stun/Ranged Defense
  • Visual Camouflage: Take cover

Buildings with Bonuses

  • Commando: Armor and Weapon Smith Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Diner: Chef Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Jedi Meditation: Light Saber Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • Player Hospital: Med Assembly +10, Experimentation+5, Med buff 115
  • Relaxation House: Salon (Image Design and Stat Migration)
  • Sandcrawler: Droid Engineer and Structure Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Sith Meditation: Light Saber Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • Tree House: Bio-Engineer Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Vehicle Garage: Artisan Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • VIP bunker: Tailor Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5