Get Started on Sentinels Republic

To play on the Star Wars Galaxies Sentinels Republic Emulator, you must create a Forums Account, a Game Account and install our Launcher.

Please Complete all 3.

A Forum Account is required to create a Game Account.

When the launcher is finished installing Sentinels Republic, hit Play and log into Star Wars Galaxies with your Game Account information.

1. Launcher Install

Download our Launcher

After installation completes, the Launcher will run.

  • Click “Setup” on the Launcher to perform the first run setup process.
  • Agree to the server rules and select “Next.”
  • Click “Install Folder” and choose the directory that you would like to install Sentinels Republic to and select “Next.”
    • Note: Do not use C:/Program Files as your installation.
    • For best results, use C:/SREmu, or a similar directory on any hard drive.
  • Verify that you own a legal copy of Star Wars Galaxies and select “Finish.”

The Launcher will now download all the required files to play on Sentinels Republic.

Installation size is approximately 7GB. This can take 20 minutes on a 50mbps internet connection. The Play Button will be enabled when the download is complete.

While the game downloads, please create a Forum and Game account.

You may be prompted after running the executable.
  • Windows SmartScreen:
    • Select “More Info”
    • Then “Run Anyway”
  • User Account Control
    • Select “Yes”

2. Forum Account

Create a Forum Account
  • Agree to our Forums Terms
  • Choose a Username and fill out the required information.
    • Your forums username is separate from your Game Account and does not have to match.
  • Once you have created a forum account, follow the blue “Game Account” at the top of the forums.

3. Game Account

Create a Game Account
  • Fill in all boxes.
  • The Username you select here is the login you will use to sign into Star Wars Galaxies. Do not lose this information.
  • Select Register.

Congratulations and Welcome to Sentinels Republic.

Once the Launcher finishes downloading, select “Play” and log in using your Game Account information.

You may make and delete a character once every 12 hours.

Visit our Discord, and let us know you are in game to be verified. Our Discord offers in-game #galaxychat and other channels, you may also post on our forums.