Server Rules

1: General Conduct:

  1. Player Harassment: Harassing players or staff so they can’t play is unacceptable, this includes kill stealing and clone camping. Harassment may also involve a real or perceived power imbalance with repeated actions or across multiple platforms. Examples of power imbalance would be threatening players with a comment such as I’ll get you banned because I know x, or encouraging guild members to victimize a player or staff member. It does not refer to power imbalance between character’s skills in game. Harassment can affect players and staff and neither are tolerated. This may include but is not limited to:
    1. Verbal or non verbal abuse – name-calling, insults or gossiping, offensive hand signs or messages
    2. Hate speech – remarks, jokes or comments relating to race, sex, sexuality or gender. It includes comments that reinforce the marginalization of individuals or groups, e.g. those with physical or mental health needs, or on the basis of religious or political belief.
    3. Sexual – Sexualised name-calling, derogatory comments, sexual propositions or comments related to criminal acts. Using words such as rape in other contexts are are not tolerated.
  2. Language Usage: Language that is considered vulgar, or falls within section 1.1 may not be used.
  3. Staff Impersonation: Players who impersonate staff or try to moderate others’ behavior will face consequences. If a player’s behavior concerns you, contact the team via the discord help channel. Staff are identifiable by their tags e.g. Helper, CSI, EC, CSR, CC, Admin and Dev in discord and in game.(Staff accounts in game are only logged in to do a specific task.)
  4. Chat: Failure to comply with a staff request or complaining repeatedly about it will result in your account being frozen for a short time in one or multiple platforms.
  5. Spam: Spamming is not allowed. This includes sending pm’s to players regarding other servers. If you spot some, or receive some…please report it.
  6. Disruption: Any disruption in any platform is inappropriate. Examples of disruption could be, but are not limited to abusive, racial, personal attacks, griefing or taunting individuals or guilds, publicly sharing private conversations that you have taken part in to cause disruption.
  7. Taunting and Griefing: Taunting or smack talk between players is not acceptable. Whilst we recognize that there is a PvP element and the game is set in the Galatic Civil War we expect players to treat each other with respect. Griefing is defined as deliberately harassing or irritating other players, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Placing bases in opposing cities by key facilities such as shuttleports, cloning centers, cantinas or med bases with buffing facilities and vendors is not acceptable.
  8. NSFW: The NSFW channel is provided for those who wish to use it. This channel is not moderated, however harassment etc will not be tolerated. Parents should ensure that those under 18 do not access to it.
  9. PvP: PvP guidelines have been voted for by the players. The agreement is that ‘Red is dead’ at any time. If you are attackable then you can be attacked regardless of what you are doing or which guild you are in. It is acceptable for PvP to take place between players multiple times in a day. The code of conduct continues to apply during PvP, therefore training mobs, griefing, and harassment will not be tolerated. Players may use The Pit. The ONLY exclusion is for players attending events, once they indicate they want a port, and for 5 minutes following the EC closing the event.
  10. Guilds: If you have an issue with a guild member, discuss it with your guild leader. Guild leaders can contact the Community Coordinator (CC) at any time. If you need immediate help, use the help discord channel and use the @ function, however, remember that we do have to work, eat and sleep. Avoid responding and take screenshots. All complaints should be sent to the CC so that they can be recorded centrally and investigated by an appropriate team member. Actions taken will be agreed by senior staff and shared with those involved; where appropriate a general announcement may also be made to the community. If you are still unhappy with the action taken you should contact the CC and Desporo. The Community Coordinator is: Cozdragon#4047 (Discord)/ Coz in game.


2: Accounts and Characters:

  1. Account/Character/Building/Object Naming: Using any language covered in Section 1.1 or 1.2 for names is unacceptable.
    1. The use of religious, political, or controversial historical figures or references, both direct or indirect, are forbidden.
    2. The use of Star Wars Character names is prohibited.
    3. We reserve the right to reject any name, and to ask a player to change it.
  2. Accounts: Your account is created via the game login and only 1 game account per IP may be created. Each account has 5 character slots and up to 3 characters may be online at once. For extra accounts for other players that share the same IP, contact a staff member for information.
  3. Account Sharing: Account sharing is at your own risk. Owners are responsible for their account’s actions.
  4. Account Mass Creating/Deleting: Deleting and creating characters to gain starter credits or equipment is not allowed. Please note: The first 5 characters will receive 110000 credits, subsequent characters will receive 1100 credits.
  5. Bug Abuse/Hacking: Hacking or abuse of any bugs, duping or abuse of any in-game system is not allowed. Offenders caught exploiting will have their access removed for a period of time agreed by the team. Subsequent abuse will result in higher penalties. IF you identify a bug, report it using the mantis button on the launcher. Please be as descriptive as possible when reporting. We only accept Screenshots or Video Recordings. If there is a CSI, CSR or Admin in discord you may send them a message to ask for assistance.
  6. Auctions: Use the Auction Channel for all trading, buying, selling and service announcements in game. Keep macros short and simple. For example: I am providing Ent (0%) and/or Doc (0.0k, 0hrs, 0k credits) at (City) on (planet), (waypoint). Ensure there is a minimum pause of 5 minutes = /pause 300). While we recommend that you use Auction Channel for Service Announcements, buff bots may use spatial, tells or group chat.
  7. RMT (Real Money Trading): Trading characters, money, accounts, items or anything related to the server for real money is not allowed.
  8. Players are not allowed to kill other characters by agreement for mutual benefit. Examples of this include: gaining credits, faction, PvP rating or in order to be removed from the terminals. It will be considered an exploit and treated as such.


3: Additional Forum/Discord Guidance:

  1. Ensure that you post in the correct forum or channel. (Example: trade requests belong in trading forum).
  2. Post constructive criticism. Discussion with another player or staff member is acceptable, making personal comments is not. The general conduct rules continue to apply.
  3. Remain on topic. Start a new thread if you want to discuss something else.
  4. Keep our forums clean by not posting links to phishing sites, spam or re-posting closed, modified, or deleted content. If you see inappropriate content, report it to staff member. The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:
    1. Porn, gross stuff, or anything else not safe for work.
    2. Cheating, hacking, game exploits.
    3. Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
    4. Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals.
    5. Racism, discrimination, religious, political and other ‘prone to huge argument’ threads
  5. Keep personally identifiable information private (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, other social media links which could reveal your real life identity etc.)
  6. Keep your forum account private. They are intended for the use by one person. Each person is entitled to one account, creating alternate, backup, or multiple accounts is not allowed. Staff will NEVER ask for your password.
  7. If you see a person breaking the rules, use the “Report this post to a moderator” link. Users who are found to be repeat offenders will be removed from the forums.


4: Consequences:

  1. We reserve the right to remove content that contravenes the rules.
  2. Harassing staff about a decision made regarding another player will not be tolerated.
  3. If you wish to discuss a decision made by staff regarding your own conduct, please do so privately, however we strongly recommend that you take some time away first to ensure that you are calm.
  4. Initial actions may be reviewed and extended following admin team discussion.
  5. The following consequences are examples of actions that may be taken.
    1. General reminders about the expectations.
    2. Freezing/muting in-game and/or removal of discord access for a short period of time whilst the player considers their actions and staff can consider any further action required.
    3. A warning by a senior member of staff, stating which rules have been broken. Repeated warnings will result in further action.
    4. Removal of discord access and/or game access for a period of time ranging from 24 hours to up to one month. This will be discussed and agreed by admin staff.
    5. Deleting of an account, banning of the IP address and removal from any and all platforms in SR’s control. This will be discussed and agreed by admin staff.
    6. We reserve the right to share IP addresses and account names with other server owners.


5: Disclaimer:

  1. If you are unsure of a rule, ask a staff member.
  2. Rules are subject to change at any time, without warning.
  3. We will not support scam victims, trade at your own risk.
  4. Staff will never ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone.
  5. All punishments will be decided on a case by case basis at the staff’s discretion.