New Multiple Account Policy

We have always had the rule of one account per player that is checked via IP address. We know a lot of people play with family and friends that use the same IP so we have an exception policy. We’ve had an increase in multiple account applications as of late and will be updating our policy so we can better handle and keep track of these requests.


New Process:

Part 1: Send an email to [email protected] requesting multiple accounts. The email must include the following:

  1. Account names
  2. An image of each individual holding something with their account name and a date/time stamp
  3. A list of IP addresses that are commonly used
  4. A name of a character we can contact or ideally your Discord name

Part 2: If your request for a second family member account STILL is to be authorized please also contact Desporo either on Discord or by typing @desporo on SR Galaxy chat tab ingame, then we can double check the emails and can get back to you quicker.

For those that already have multiple accounts, you have 14 days to send an email. Once the grace period has passed, if any IP is found on multiple accounts, the characters on those accounts will be moved to a secure location and unable to play until you contact an Administrator.

The policy will go into place July 1st. Please be sure to email with the appropriate information by July 15th.

As a reminder, the second account is meant to be played by a family member or friend that shares your IP. Using the second account for hand sampling or a buff bot is not playing the game.