Pach 6.8

Profession Changes


  • Durindfire now uses OQ/DR for effectiveness, so the stat can be calculated correctly.


  • Add intimidate chance to Disarming shot 1 and 2 (pistoleer).


  • 10% reduction on force cost for attacks.
  • Saber block receives a penalty vs high acc.


  • Force run can now be toggled. Credit to Infinity.
  • 50% Force cost for Force Armor
  • Increase in force armor effectiveness to match new Defender toughness (41% and 57% damage reduction for 1 and 2 respectively).
  • Drain force now drains 150, up from 100.


  • Add 12 LS toughness throughout the skills.
  • Add taunt to novice defender.
  • Add melee mitigation 1 to force melee defense III.
  • Add ranged mitigation 1 to force ranged defense III.


  • Reduced the cooldown of mind blast 2.
  • Mind blast 1 and 2 now targets the mind pool.
  • Mind blast states now last 20s, up from 10s.
  • Reduced the cooldown of force lightning 1 and 2, force lightning area 1 and 2.
  • Changed all force lightning to lightsaber damage.
  • Reduced the cooldown and force cost of force intimidate 1 and 2.
  • Reduced cooldown on force knockdown 1, 2, and 3, and raised effectiveness.
  • Force choke damage is now 2x.
  • Force weaken is now a percentage modifier, weaken 1 reduces HAM by 10%, weaken 2 reduces HAM by 20%.


  • Increase damage of Leg Shot 3. It is currently the same damage as Leg Shot 2. From 2x to 3.5x (split the difference of rifles and pistols).


  • Move Posture Down from Hit 3 to Stun 2.
  • Add 5 toughness to master pikeman.


  • Add BF healing to ranger camps.

Other Changes


  • Medicine use tapes are now activated.
  • Combat medicine effectiveness is now activated.
  • Able to store bikes in combat.

Loot Changes:

  • Increased loot chance on Acklay.
  • Increased loot chance on Fire Spider.
  • Increased loot chance on Janta Blood.
  • Increased loot chance on Giant Wampa.
  • Increased loot chance on Sith Spirits.
  • Increased loot chance on Kryat Pearls.
  • Increased loot chance on DWB mobs.
  • Added razor knuckler schematic to DWB mob loot tables.
  • Added loot tables to the SBDs in DWB.
  • Added a small chance for crystals to DWB mobs.
  • Added Diner and Relaxation Pool to NGE House drops.


  • Added Stormtrooper armor schematics with composite stats to the Imperial recruiter.
  • Added Imperial Command BARC schematic to the Imperial recruiter.
  • Added Rebel Marine armor schematics with composite stats to the Rebel recruiter.
  • Added Rebel Command BARC schematic to the Rebel recruiter.

Theme Park:

  • Added – The Senate Theme Park – Start of new episodic themepark quest chain over new and existing planets.