Patch 8.3.1 – Two Year Anniversary

Two Year Anniversary

Anniversary Events have Ended.

Visit Despolo Wice in Theed to receive a reward for playing during our second anniversary. Take advantage of double XP and join in on the special events.

For a full list of events, check our the events page on our website, the event section on the forums or read the anniversary events schedule here.


Double XP

  • Double XP has Ended
  • Starts August 2nd
  • Double XP has been enabled for non-Jedi Profession



  • Two Year Anniversary Rewards.
  • Event Coordinators can now use the Event Taxi System.


  • Various Geonosian Lab Conversations.
  • Warren Badge rewards can be obtained in any order.
  • Combat Medic DoTs not triggering Bounty Hunter tef.
  • Player Bounty mission credits resetting.
  • Improved Bounty Hunter missions updating and visibility.
  • Increased Bounty Hunter mission max credits to 1.5 million.


  • Bone Armor requires Iron instead of Kammris Iron.