Galactic Moon Festival

October 16th – November 14th

The Galactic Moon Festival has ended

Take part in the Galactic Moon Festival in Mos Eisley and Moenia.

Meet with Z’ozpheratu the Galactic Moon Festival Organizer to get started. Scare participants, collect festival tokens and purchased rewards!

Be sure to take part in the Sentinel Republic Galactic Moon Festival events!

  • Sept. 14th – Oct. 24th: Trick or Treat Street Decoration Contest – Entries close Oct. 24th
  • Oct. 27th: Trick or Treat Street – Open for viewing and Event
  • Oct. 28th – 1st: GMF Events
  • Nov. 2nd: Zombie Run
  • Nov. 3rd: Trick or Treat Street – Winners announced and Event

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