Patch 8.3 – Hotfixes

Patch 8.3 Hotfix #3

January 21st, 2020


  • Vitiate tomb with additional leashing fall backs.


  • City GCW NPCs wandering without obeying the law of gravity.
  • Azrakel encounter reset functionality and increased respawn timer to 90 to 120m.
  • Jedgar mobile despawn.
  • Fall backs for HAM check logic function.


Patch 8.3 Hotfix #2

May 24th, 2019


  • Event NPC Teleporter System
  • Additional items to Staff Tools
  • Event Dungeon Instance Screenplay


  • Lowered PSG decay
    • From 10% to 5% of damage taken.
  • Reverted armor decay to pre-pub10 rate
    • From 20% to 10% of damage taken.
  • Event NPC Teleporter max NPCs (Usable by event staff)
  • Saber block PvP 70% max, -20% stunned, -10% blinded
  • Saber block PvE 85% max, -10% stunned, -5% blinded
  • Increased Black Sun BH Armor by 3x and Jetpack base loot chance by 5x.
  • Increased condition Mandalorian Armor from 40k to 60k
    • If you have a piece of previously crafted Mandalorian Armor, please contact staff for a replacement.
  • Various respawn timers of non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy.


  • Smuggler keypad terminal slicing. (Geo cave)
  • Reverted Krayt Dragons to Sentinel Republic stats and loot from SWGEmu


  • /findstructures command overhaul
    • Please use this command. It will help with debugging an upcoming item.
  • Event loot command now gives the same loot type to all players
    • Old painting readded
    • Separated items in Paintings, Jedi and attachments groups.
    • Item levels now vary at random.


  • Loot from various non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy
    • The items are obtainable elsewhere and detracted from their primary loot location. The content was also too difficult for the loot to be worth trying for.
  • Kaas Separatist Screenplay


Patch 8.3 Hotfix #1

April 26th 2019

  • Fixed NPC’s chance to fall back down when standing and dizzy
  • Added GCW and BH Kill system messages.

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