Patch 8.1

Galactic Moon Festival:

  • The Galactic Moon Festival has ended.


  • Battlefield is now Special Forces only. (Rebel and Imperials have separate entrance zones)
  • Added faction specific cloners to the battlefield.
  • Walking outside of the battleground will no longer port out of the battlefield immediately. You will be given a 30 seconds warning, if you do return within 30 seconds, you will be punished severely.
  • Rebel and Imperials must talk to separate dedicated NPCs to leave the battleground. (NPCs located in cloner)
  • Added turrets outside of the battlefield cloners.
  • New Rebel/Imperial NPCs added throughout the battlefield.
  • Balanced loot and increased respawn time at Battlefield the Droid Facility.


  • Added reward for first place in the Halloween Homeshow.
  • Added SR Photo Competition Posters.
  • Added New Custom Event Paintings, Publish Paintings and new Items to event loot. (19 new items in total)
  • Added /pvp command. Players can only declare On Leave >> Combantant >> Special Forces. (Disabled temporarily)
    • Removed the ability to select a declared faction player target and opt to change faction (No longer needed due to /pvp command)


  • Jedi:
    • Defender:
      • Force Defense modifier now protects against Force Powers attacks.  (Disabled temporarily)
    • Powers:
      • Lightning: Remains Lightsaber, less damage, slightly faster, less force cost.
      • Mind Blast: Blast damage, increased damage, slightly faster, less force cost.
  • Updated splash screens.
  • New login screen.
  • New loading screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changed Jedi Powers and Jedi Defender defense working against Force attacks.
  • Fixed Jedi Knights being able to go on leave via recruiters
  • Fixed Level 5 & 6 Droid armor modules requiring old Composite segments.
  • Fixed Kaas World Boss shuttle.
  • Fixed floating building in Cratertown, Jakku.
  • Fixed strings on Organa (XJ-2 airspeeder) and V35 speeder
  • NPC Jedi Mindblast does blast damage instead of lightsaber and only attacks mind.

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