Trick or Treat Street Home Show Participants and Winners

Congratulations to all those who entered the Trick or Treat decorating competition. I hope you enjoyed creating them as much as we all enjoyed visiting them. I’d personally like to thank them for reducing the number of houses I had to decorate and for doing a far better job than I could have even dreamed of. Thanks also go to Dren and Mafeesh for their decorating prowess.

The Results:

#7 place – Musty

  • Creativity: 17/80
  • Feel: 18/80
  • Total: 35/160
  • Comments: Melons! Long live the melon. It needed a little more gore. The melons made me laugh.

#6 place – Mizzoka

  • Creativity: 46.5/80
  • Feel: 40/80
  • Total: 86.5/160
  • Comments: Loved the skull candles. Haunted homestead and spooky summoning!

#5 place – Xeno

  • Creativity: 56.5/80
  • Feel: 58/80
  • Total: 114.5/160
  • Comments: Great use of renaming objects. Who could resist a rabbit! I had no idea what to expect with all the warnings, I was not prepared for what waited for me.

#4 place – Avari

  • Creativity: 57/80
  • Feel: 59.5/80
  • Total: 116.5/160
  • Comments: Remodeling of the interior was really well done, as is the lighting, it doesn’t even look like a Naboo house. Mad scientist robot making pumpkin spiders! I’m not sure that Tyclo hunting should be encouraged….we’re rather fond of him!


These players will receive a trophy.

#3 place – Buzzo

  • Creativity: 62.5/80
  • Feel: 65.5/80
  • Total: 128/160
  • Comments: Good use of items for different purposes, using paintings to create confusion just like a house of horrors. Clever use of items to change the internal space of the house. Shrines at the entrance are well done. Eerie graveyard with zombies emerging. The lighting in the “torture chamber” was awesome. The rebel and “dissection table” were great.

#2 place – En’Gage

  • Creativity: 67.5/80
  • Feel: 65.5/80
  • Total: 133/160
  • Comments: Some lovely touches of humour in the object renames.…e.g. the chopping block in the droid room and Spookenstein in the other side. A Coz wanted poster definitely added to the scare factor! RIP Noob. Attention to detail with effects give great atmosphere, the spiders and trees add to the ambiance. The droid room is very well done, the beheaded 3PO and droid’s on a conveyor belt are awesome.

#1 place: Veruca

  • Creativity: 70.5/80
  • Feel: 68/80
  • Total: 138.5/160
  • Comments: Love the spider cave. Clever use of bones to create signs and ladders. The entrance alone is enough to impress. Fangs closing in on you and limbs reaching from the depths, the spook is real, those with arachnophobia dare not enter. Jedi sacrifice, torture lab and prisoners, then creative use of bones were all well done. The spoopiest of all was the “Veermok.” Poor thing needs more fiber.



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