Patch 8.1 – Life Day Celebrations

Life Day:

December 1st – 31st

  • Life Festivities have begun. Visit a Life Day worker and the Wookiee in Theed, Coronet or Mos Eisley to learn more.


  • Added Snow to Naboo and Corellia for the duration of Life Day.
  • Added objects created via /createSpawningElement are now tracked server-side, per planet.

Changes / Fixes:

  • New Loading Screen.
  • Changed Jedi Defender: Force Defense modifier now protects against Force Powers attacks.
  • Changed Thunderdome to allow CCs to organize the event.
  • Changed When delegating faction, a check is now made to see if the delegator is on the consent list of the delegatee – if not, appropriate messages and instructions are displayed.
  • Fixed Access Fee for buildings is now removed on /transferStructure.
  • Fixed house being set to private when it contains a vendor
  • Fixed inability to complete RIS schematic quest.
  • Fixed Jedi Knight’s ability to go on leave via recruiter.
  • Fixed Medium Naboo House Address sign rotated 180°
  • Fixed Vet Rewards issues.
  • Fixed /pvp command. Players can only declare On Leave >> Combantant >> Special Forces.

Thanks to The Tiny Pebble for the custom SR Life Day work

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