Patch 7.1

Planet Changes:


  • Added a Rumor Bartender to Smugglers Outpost
  • Kaas City Ruins Outpost
    • Added Scene
    • Added Tavern
    • Added one way travel NPC from Outpost to Smugglers (For a price)
  • Added a lootable Saberstaff to Azrakel (Credit to Borrie BoBaka over at MTG and Sovereignty RP)
    • Known Issue: You cannot change the saber color
  • Changed Xeno Furniture Crafting Requirements
    • Each piece of furniture requires a different component, all looted on Kaas
    • Increased drop chances for all Xeno furniture components
    • Added names and descriptions to Xeno components
    • Note: Previously looted junk parts, except for Gundark Fangs, will not work in Xeno furniture
  • Balance pass on all Kaas loot for both stats and drop chance
  • Lowered the damage of Prophet Trooper Lancers


  • Added Express Courier Crafting Vendor on Tansarii Station
  • Moved the SR vendor to the top floor with the other vendors

Yavin 4:

  • Increased loot drop chance for Geo Guards and Workers

New Player Experience:

  • Added Starter Armor (3 Sets, received at character creation)
    • ~2500 Condition / 40% Kin + 40% Energy
    • (Only available to newly created characters)
  • All Professions start with CDEF Pistol and Survival knife
  • Added a Welcome NPC with buffs on tutorial station
    • NPC gives Starter Buffs: 750 HA + 400 M / 1 Hour Free
    • (Only available to newly created characters)


  • Droideka Quest – Talk to Jornel Savas in the CorSec HQ in Coronet to start
    Note: Droideka Schematic is 3 uses.
  • New SEA Removal Tool Quest – Talk to Tulon Voidgazer inside the Geonosian research facility to start



  • Changed Entertainer buffs to a flat number instead of a percentage increase on your characters mind stats
    The calculation is 10 pts per enhancement skill:

    • A master dancer/musician will now buff for +1000 to mind stats (it is currently 100% of your characters mind stats)
    • A taped master dancer/musician will buff for 1250 mind stats instead of 125%.


  • Added a unique event loot group
  • Increase Heal Enhance (Doctor Buff) range from 7m to 15m
  • Modern Furniture can now have different colors selected during final craft stage
    • Known Issue: All current furniture defaults to white. This will be fixed next patch so it defaults to their original colors.
  • Added a SR Galaxy chat command (like /auction, but for SR Galaxy chat). Use /srChat or /generalChat
  • Added a Find structure command. Use /findStructures
  • Changed the Character Creation timer to only reset when a character is created, not deleted
  • Moved Rapid Fire1 and Rapid Fire2 down 1 skilltree so you get it sooner
  • Removed Combat Medicine Use tapes
  • Removed Crafting tapes from AAs
  • Added Clothing Repair tapes
  • Made SR coins stackable
    • Known Issue: You currently cannot split them. This will be implemented next patch

House Move:

  • Added Admin ability to move all decorations and items from one house to another. Now you don’t have to redecorate if you want to move!
  • Please contact an Admin if you want your house moved to another location

Buff NPCs:

  • Added a Buff NPC that spawns after server restart, NPC despawns after 1 hour. Buffs: 2500 HA + 1000 M for 1 hour – Free of charge
  • Added Low level buff NPCs in Theed / Coronet / Eisley: 750 Med Buffs for 2500 Credits and 400 Ent Buffs 1000 Credits. All buffs have a 30 minute duration
    • Medical Buff NPCs can also remove buffs and empty your stomach for 2000 credits.
    • Removed previous buff removal terminal

Bug Fixes:

  • Glowing Eyes will now show up correctly for all races
  • Can now talk to the Old Man and fight Mellichae on any planet
  • Mission payout now splits correctly between group members
  • Reduced the collision area on some trees on Kaas that were abnormally large
  • Removed LS resist fromlLooted Ithorian Defender biceps
  • Added the equipped weapon on mount fix so you should no longer straddle your bike (Credit: Eastwind – – downloaded from
  • Various String, Shader and Schematic fixes

Temporary Change:

  • Moroband and Coruscant will be disabled until we move to new hardware


  • Clothing and armor cannot be worn at 0 condition, and any skill mods on clothing or armor at 0 condition will not work