Upcoming Content for Patch 7.2 and 7.3

Hey all, I know we’re out early with this but since we already (mostly) know what we’ll be working on for 7.2 and 7.3 we figured we’d let you know. Patch 7.2 is our anniversary patch, and 7.3 is going to be relatively close to 7.2

  • SR 1 year anniversary content – we’ll try to bring you some fun content over the duration of the anniversary. More detail on the anniversary content will come closer to the day!
  • Resource audit – We are aware that there are some issues with resources, and we’ll be going over it all to ensure everything is working as intended. This will possibly involve changing some resources, planetary spawns and possibly other stuff. This will not affect old resources already collected. More details will come soon, before it gets implemented, so you all know exactly what’s happening.
  • Slayer Collection Quests – Do you thoroughly enjoy killing the animals of SWG? Then these are for you, these are kill collection quests which net a novelty reward (think title or badge, maybe a small item, nothing more).
  • Collection Quests – NGE Style collection quests, gather x items to complete and get a novelty reward.

We’ll also be looking into the possibility of player bounties (it’s possible to do it, but we need to make sure the current systems out there work like we want them to)


Armor Revamp

We’ll also be looking into an armor revamp, to bring all armors up to viable levels – but still keep them varied. These are our current thoughts, but we haven’t started testing yet. Current Composite might be a bit better than the new stuff.

Once the revamp goes live you won’t be able to use your old Composite armor segments.

All armors are vulnerable to LIGHTSABER.

vulnerability = STUN + HEAT + ELECTRICITY,
specialResists = COLD,

vulnerability = BLAST + STUN + ACID,
specialResists = ELECTRICITY,

vulnerability = STUN + COLD + ACID,
specialResists = HEAT,

vulnerability = COLD + HEAT + ELECTRICITY,
specialResists = STUN,

vulnerability = BLAST + STUN + HEAT,
specialResists = ACID,

vulnerability = STUN + ACID,
specialResists = BLAST,

vulnerability = STUN,
specialResists = ELECTRICITY,

vulnerability = ACID,
specialResists = ELECTRICITY + STUN,

vulnerability = ACID + BLAST,
specialResists = ELECTRICITY,

All armors will take the same segments which will have innate ENERGY and KINETIC resistance
3 levels of segments

Standard and Advanced are like the composite equivelants, where the experimental is the RIS segment.

The experimental will have slightly higher resists and lower encumbrance


Resource Audit

The resource audit is currently on-going, and it does take a bit of time. Hopefully this can be implemented for 7.2, 7.3 at the latest.

There are a few issues we are trying to work out, but with the way the code is set up it might not be possible to achieve some of this. I’ll go into this a bit more further down.

These are the changes we are going for:

Decrease the resource gate limiter by 5% (10% -> 15%).
What does this mean? Currently, when a resource spawns there’s a 10% chance that it will have stats above 90% of it’s natural resource gate (minimum and maximum values a stat can have). In practice it means that only 10% of all resources that spawn will be top tier. We are increasing this to 15%.

Removal of <planet name> minerals. This only applies to the new planets, and non-native resources (so flora, creature resources, fiberplast, wind, solar will stay).
This includes stuff like Mandalorian Aluminum, Hothian Iron and Jakkuan steel.
What’s the reason for this? These resources are taking up the resource lots for regular named resources. This has made uncommon resources rare.
Example: If 5 steels are set to spawn, and 3 of those are Hothian Steel, Mandalorian Steel, Chandrilean Steel then there are only 2 lots left for regular named resources, thus making it harder to get those named resources used for crafting.
Will the removal of these resources affect my current resources? All resources already collected will not be affected.

Addition of a JTL-like batch of resources. This means they are ungated (1-1000 stats), similar to the <planet name> minerals that were taken out.
This stuff will be put in a fixed pool. The additions are:

  • Rylon Inert Gas
  • Calabite Carbonate Ore
  • Galatite Intrusive Ore
  • Maganite Extrusive Ore
  • Cagunese Copper
  • Galvanicyn Aluminum
  • Hemalite Iron

How does the fixed pool work? The fixed pool always have one of the JTL (and now the above group) resources in spawn. These resources also last longer. The above resources are getting added to the fixed pool, and the fixed pool is increased (so more resources are in play at the same time). This does not interfere with regular named resource spawns.

Resource planets.
Now this is where the aforementioned troubles with the code plays a role.
Of the new planets, the ones which will have resources are:

  • Chandrila
  • Mandalore
  • Hoth
  • (Dromund) Kaas

Why is Jakku removed and Kaas added? We have plans for Jakku that will make it impossible for players to traverse the actual planet to place harvesters and sample resources, and we felt it was easier to change the resource spawns to accommodate our future plans now with the resource audit instead of down the road.
Kaas is being added in as both a replacement for Jakku, and as a part of the updated terrain it will receive, which will make traversing, and placing harvesters on the planet easier (while still retaining the look and feel of Kaas). The updated terrain was always part of the plan for Kaas, but it takes awhile to do, we are aiming to release that alongside the resource audit.

Now, we would like to keep Jakku as an option for random resources (minerals, chemicals) to spawn on still, but this is where the code is proving difficult, if we leave the native resources (flora and creature resources) off Jakku we get a lot of errors each time the resource manager updates.

So, if it is possible to leave Jakku in as a resource planet we will be doing that. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it at the moment.

There might be a period of time where the new resources do not show up on GH, we will try and get them up there as fast as possible.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this before we implement this, there is still time to make changes.