Life Day Celebrations Are Here!

Life Day:

December 1st – 31st

  • Life Day has ended.
  • Life Festivities have begun!
  • Find a button? Press it! Just look out for Krampus.

Double XP:

  • Double XP has ended.
  • December 20th – January 3rd

Island of Misfit Droids:

  • Find the Island of Misfit Droids in the South of Yavin IV.
  • Defeat too many droids and you may get the attention of the Life Day King Moonbreaker!


  • Visit a Life Day worker and the Wookiee in Theed, Coronet or Mos Eisley.
  • Talk to Chris Kringle at the Hoth Starport to visit WhoVille.
  • Craft presents to obtain rewards!


  • Elite Prophet Trooper reworked.
    • Defeat the Elite Prophet Trooper Squad Leader, Captain and Commander to summon an Elite Prophet Trooper Inquisitor.

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