Chapter 3 : Rise of the Sentinels

A note from Desporo:

This Chapter marks a huge milestone for us at Sentinels Republic. We have needed a rebase for 3-4 years and I am proud to say that we finally did it. The rebase has been in development for 6+ months and through hard work and dedication our amazing Development team have achieved the unthinkable in record time.

Integrating 4 years of changes from SwgEmu into our codebase is no mean feat and will open up so many opportunities for us to implement many of the things we have wanted to do for so long. The Improved AI amongst many other things we’ve been able to add will bring us the ability to add new features and different challenging content in the future.

I would also like to thank the community for helping staff with testing, giving feedback to enable us to quickly fix any issues and patience during this time.

The development team have worked tirelessly to make sure the issues are fixed quickly and we are now in a much better place to move forward and continue to grow.

We have a bright future here at Sentinels Republic and long may it continue.”

allayloo Ta Nuv!

Ewok Festival Of Love 2023

Join in the fun at Tyrena, Kaadara and the Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor for the Festival of Love celebrations.

Earn Ewok Chak Hearts by collecting love cards, bundling them and giving them back to the child.

You can also try to find Kyoopid the Love Sage -look out for notices of where he is appearing.

Alternatively, you can play matchmaker by finding love for your companion – speak to the matchmaking droid to start.

The vendor has a range of items available including halos, wings, paintings and other goodies.

Don’t forget to impress the Chief with your Ewok linguistic skills!

Chapter 1 3 3 7 Release – Patch Notes

TLDR: 1337 days of catch up (yes, really). 

  • New AI!
    • AI is more dynamic, walks around more, sits/stands
    • AI will now properly “help” each other when additional AI of the same faction are in range
    • AI is smarter about using ranged or melee weapons depending on distance to target, can also distance itself if it prefers ranged
    • AI actions/states are more configurable in general, allowing greater diversity in future content.
    • Combat Threat & “Taunt” ability improvements across the board
    • AI pathing improvements across the board
    • AI server resource consumption improved
    • A note: New AI system has had quite a few SR-specific tweaks.
  • GCW
    • Crackdowns
      • Crackdowns are now functional across the galaxy. You can (and will) be scanned for ‘contraband’ (spices & sliced weaponry) by imperial troopers. This can happen at both imperial controlled locations and via “wild scans” if noticed by a probot droid. Be careful out there! (PS: We intend to keep a close eye on this behavior and tune as necessary).
    • New locations are faction flippable
      • Corellia Stronghold, Rori Imperial Encampment and Rori Rebel Military Base (POIs)
    • Controlling faction banners are now shown in NPC cities
  • Pets
    • Basic pet logic improved
    • Formation commands work
    • Pet Taunt will generate combat spam and has been tweaked to better reflect pet levels vs. targets
  • Geocave
    • Fire Spider will no longer despawn when in combat
  • Taung Bunker
    • Mob layout re-organized to prevent camping/rebuffing
  • Architect
    • Merchant tents are now available in multiple colors.
  • Combat Medic
    • Two new commands, /ApplyPoison & /ApplyDisease, for better control. These also automatically pull appropriate items from your inventory and can be qualified by HAM pool.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Bounties
      • Bounty Hunter terminals will no longer cause server-wide lag when accessed
  • Jedi
    • Dropping Jedi Knight will now properly stop the character from gaining visibility
  • Medic
    • Improvements to /drag for more consistent cross-client sync of player positions
    • Healing range skill mod now applies to ranged stims
  • Ranger
    • Ranger tracking can now detect elite mobs up to 1000m
  • Scout
    • Skill mod bonuses are now more consistently applied during harvesting actions
  • Tailor
    • Sockets will now generate more consistently for Novice Tailor and above (this was bugged previously and was not as consistent as it should have been)
  • Droid Engineer
    • 1 additional droid can be called out at Novice DE, with a further called droid at Master DE, allowing Master DEs to have a total of 3 droids out at once.
  • Discord
    • Discord bot is now built directly into the game server.
      • Bot can no longer become “desync’d” and require reset
      • Discord names will now be translated directly into chat, instead of being prefixed with “discord”. (Colors will be used to indicate that they do not come from in-game)
  • General
    • Crafted Items, Auctions, and Vendor Listings can how have colors displayed in their name
    • Fixed a bug that could cause invalid stats or server instability when generating CA’s or AA’s
    • Multiple string text values (item descriptions, location names, etc..) cleaned up or corrected.
    • Many locations may have slightly altered city and region boundary zones due to significant rework upstream. If you notice anything clearly incorrect about these boundaries, please let us know. 
    • General server stability fixes across the board from upstream SWGEmu/Core3
    • General networking fixes from upstream SWGEmu/Core3 that could sometimes cause client instability or desync
    • Significant server API changes which could enable us to build more functional community oriented tooling. 
    • Many combat manager changes to optimize state and damage calculations
    • Aurilian plants behave in a more consistent manner and do not update while in inventory.
    • Advanced Auction Search
    • Many quest fixes, additions, and improvements (Cries of Alderaan, Secrets of the Syren, Darn Droid, generic escort improvements, …)
    • Many loot drops reviewed with many more to come (Black Sun 100% chance, Darth Caedus loot improved etc)
    • In-game newsnet terminals are now configurable

General Notes/Clarification

  • Jedi Visibility
    • Visibility can only be gained when Knight or Overt
    • Visibility is gained when any of the following happen around a player or non-player humanoid:
      • Any Jedi ability is used that uses force
      • Any Jedi-specific special attack ability
      • A lightsaber goes from unequipped to equipped
    • Visibility is only reset when killed by a bounty hunter that has the character’s mission
      • Going covert does not reset visibility
    • Visibility decays gradually over time while logged into the game


  • Mandal Motors
    • New Themepark! Huge thanks to Smallot for writing this original storyline.
    • Faction-based quests to obtain new vehicle schematics, components, and a vehicle repair tool
    • New jewelry for vehicle restoration skill
    • Certain newly crafted player buildings will improve vehicle restoration skill
    • Visit Mandal Motors HQ just outside Sundari on Mandalore and talk to the greeter droid for more information!
  • Special Reward Vehicle
    • Coz’s Purple Swoopracer.
      • A custom vehicle that is only obtained as a prize from special events or as a reward for exemplary behavior benefiting the community and server.

Known Issues

  • Geo Cave
    • SEA Removal Tool Quest
      • “Fuel Cell” items do not properly show remaining time & effectiveness. They are functional, and you have 60 minutes from pickup to use, but the item description pane is incorrect.
  • Musician
    • Any previously crafted playback droids will not function. Newly crafted ones work as intended.

Mantis / Bug Fixes


Put live, still needs feedback
0001304: Dathomir Spiderclan Cave
0001305: City NPCs not wandering in the air
0001306: NPC Force Wielders should not use lightning attacks
0001307: Plumed Rasps on Chandrila
0001395: Xp differences between Rebase and Live

0001302: FAR too easy to get loot
0001303: New Racetracks
0001308: Kaadara Spynet Informant
0001315: Latest anniversary rewards not spawning
0001316: Dantooine Starports Do not allow travel.
0001317: Mark-7 Repulsorcraft Engine name
0001321: Creature Handler: Able to Train and Use Taunt
0001322: Jedi: Defender: Changed Avoid Incap cost to 1.5x force if called before it has worn off
0001323: Quest to drop Force Sensitive skills
0001324: Changed Lantern Birds of Endor to drop avian meat
0001325: Added Faction armor schematics with composite stats to the faction recruiters
0001326: Bazaar: Cost Tuning
0001327: Housing: NGE Housing Added w/ Bonuses
0001328: Bio Engineer: Tissue Bonus Changes
0001329: Misc: Shuttle Board Range Increase (/board)
0001330: Groups: Group Size > 50 (admins only)
0001331: Misc: Reduced vehicle decay
0001332: Sea Removal Tool works on clothing
0001333: Add Tansarii, Imperial HQ, Rebel HQ as always available cloner locations
0001334: Jedi Mission cooldown of 24h (can’t pick up the same Jedi’s mission in 24h)
0001336: embolden pet command
0001339: CH : Newly tamed pets on Rebase now have the default placeholder object in the datapad
0001340: Pistoleer: Double Tap Changes (Health/Action damage only)
0001341: Ranger: Added BF healing to ranger camps
0001342: Added names to AAs/CAs so they show the skill. Double skill tapes have been removed
0001344: Hutts starting as novice medic don’t get starter kit
0001345: Jedi can’t use padded armor belts or mabary belts
0001349: Faction does not function correctly on Taanab on the Rebase Server
0001350: REBASE: New Species can’t start as combat professions
0001353: REBASE: NS Schematics not able to be learned
0001354: Component names in vehicle restoration tool don’t match
0001355: Musician tries to dismount while skill animating
0001356: Musican Playback droid unable to record track
0001358: User cannot log in if password and salt are blank in database.
0001360: EFOL issue – event not working
0001361: Bounty Hunters’ Guild Backack schematics are not learnable
0001364: Force Crystals/Geodes/Pearls nerfed
0001365: Can’t drop neutral Mandal Motors quest but get a wp anyway
0001366: text for Mandalore racetrack waypoints is path instead of name
0001367: Named crystals appearance
0001368: Missing moraband_region_names.stf
0001371: Imperial Personnel Office missing from Cnet Capitol BUilding
0001372: cmd spam on combat specials
0001376: Dark Trooper (and variants) do not properly equip weapons and follow primary/secondary attack rules
0001385: Pets store on softlog
0001379: Can’t call droids or faction pets in a private house
0001381: Validate key combat skill implementations
0001382: PSG Decay is 4x higher on Rebase than SR-Live
0001384: GCW Limits inaccurate
0001385: Pets store on softlog
0001386: Players are subject to ‘crackdown’ scans immediately on login/char creation
0001318: On Terminals
0001320: Admins can guild remove
0001335: Jedi Missions No Show If Jedi is in Private Structure


0001287: Master Ranger Can no Longer Craft a Compass
0001295: Sarlacc burpes, window open to see if something appears- nothing in window
0001123: Server Lag and BH Terminals
0001137: Dervish 2 states
0001374: Tanrats missing from the Critter database

Resolved since going live with Rebase

0001394: GCW Base Limits cause automatic removal when enabled
0001415: dant
0001430: Lom Pyke not dropping vehicle kit part
0001404: Double results with Ranger’s /area skill
0001352: Character Creation not changing clothing options
0001373: Paint Dispersal Units Oversized
0001298: Dromand Kaas cannot spawn wooly hide.
0001407: Huurton Huntress can’t train special attacks
0001074: N0 Creatures on Mandalore
0001278: anniversary holo
0001422: Harvester destroy function
0001412: Imperial Mandal Motors Quest issue
0001408: Theed Hospital Medic will not Pump Stomach
0001433: Foraging is Borked!
0001438: Master Shipwright
0001428: Can’t make camps on Dathomir anymore
0001421: Unable to put items into storage containers within storage containers
0001414: Missing krayts dragons spawn
0001449: Can’t change color of clothing items or armor pieces
0001292: commando special Attacks icons
0001289: Typo in description of Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle
0001293: Janta Blood Audit
0001285: Jet Pack Issue
0001357: Jetpack rubberbanding
0001283: Double Credit drop from NPC
0001274: Mask Scent
0001282: Unable to see other players in caves/dungeons
0001281: Funky Crystal from Echo Base with1579120882condition
0001453: Kyoopid Spawn in Tyrena/Corellia – Spawns in water and unable to converse
0001444: Tanrat Resists Not Dropping with wounds
0001445: Tanrats are not using special attacks
0001437: Black sun assassins in theed cantina
0001456: Nym’s first mission is not letting me complete it.
0001406: Imp theme park block
0001457: Factory Crate Splitting, and New Factory Crates, not generating correctly.
0001461: factory crates are not splitting correctly
0001405: Can not enter Rebelbase to start Rebel Themepark
0001459: CH Pet Buff
0001431: Random spawns in Krayt graveyard
0001460: Reb Recruiter will not sell Items
0001395: Xp differences between Rebase and Live
0001397: “Starter” mobs outside major cities are missing post-rebase
0001441: Shrine out of reach due to NPC spawn
0001447: Resource names no longer show the full name
0001403: Phase 3 Melee Acc Quest
0001401: Crafting Macro does not craft an item in practice mode
0001402: Crafting Macro does not craft an item in practice mode
0001410: Extra sockets displayed
0001417: Rebel Themepark Quest
0001424: Jabba Theme Park Escort NPC not following once engaged.
0001463: Sith Speeder and Republic Gunship will not load
0001462: Purple swoop Not visible
0001480: Invisible gun ship
0001481: invisible civ barc speeder
0001475: Galaxy Harvester issues
0001455: Discord Chat Issue
0001458: Sith Speeders not Generating
0001484: Underground Vehicles
0001464: Pet Trained Skills not displaying in Datapad
0001491: Bvirrig sith speeder
0001399: Group size limited to 20
0001432: Game to Discord chat not working for Mafs
0001400: Armor “Values” are legacy
0001393: HAM distritbution post-rebase has been significantly changed.
0001319: I am still flagged as a jedi knight even though I dropped the knight status on Keisha.
0001499: Harvester Maintenance pool not updating0001509: Character Creation Broken
0001503: Mobs in the Geocave
0001485: gmf ottoman does not list correctly in the crafting station
0001513: Missing new planet badges
0001483: Lag @ Imperial Outpost on Lok
0001442: Pets specials not showing on examine
0001518: Hero of Tatooine: Escort bugged
0001411: Lagging bad
0001436: Lag on Planets
0001418: Dantooine Travel
0001416: Travel
0001469: My CH’s pet are all messed up (Galedria)
0001512: Med students are not buffing
0001506: CH Pets Incap opposing faction
0001426: Cant get passed the server log in
0001522: Broken SA on pets
0001520: Issues at Lok Imperial Outpost
0001525: CH pets special attacks issue
0001526: Sith speeder appearing underground
0001527: Thoroux pets missing special abilities
0001407: Huurton Huntress can’t train special attacks

6th February – 2nd March

0001396: Server status and stats not getting to launcher
0001425: Rebel Theme Park Nien Nunb escort
0001530: Smuggler not getting option to buy faction points from faction recruiter
0001534: Players crash and are unable to log back in
0001531: Improved Job Market
0001538: Speed shown on Spider Fangs
0001535: CH Pets Issues
0001468: Faction farming via pet
0001508: Building maintenance taking double from player account
0001537: Faction Pets
0001343: Creature Database doesn’t list some tameables nor Strong disease
0001543: Bolotaur mount visual glitch
0001546: Creature Database sorting issue
0001540: Can’t retrieve item from Vendor Stockroom
0001551: NS carnage beret not equipable by hutt
0001470: Galaxy Harvester not interfacing properly with SR
0001500: Need to test:
0001498: Underground Sith Speeder
0001536: GH – despawned resources are not being cleared
0001496: Act 3: Dead Eye
0001549: I placed a bounty on my own head
0001513: Missing new planet badges
0001492: Exploration badges
0001440: Event badges don’t show on character profile
0001547: Badge not showing on character
0001378: Galaxy Harvester resources don’t actually exist in game
0001494: Invincible Turrets on player bases
0001423: ticket terminal in Wakanda, Naboo
0001446: Ticket Terminal in Tython
0001557: ch pets unable to learn taunt
0001552: Nearest mission for group


0001380: Aurillian plants can drop from perfect conditon to Death in 24 hours
0001435: infinite reb base spawns in mandalmotore
0001260: nightsister elder loot error
0001532: Buff pillars need to spawn 1 minute before world bosses
0001528: Buff Robot does not work
0001505: That Darn Droid
0001510: Sockets on Clothing
0001562: Creatures wander off when trying to milk them.
0001560: Female Twi’lek vendor refuses to wear regular necklaces I make for her.
0001561: Vendors loose the color of the clothes I assign after I equip them on them.
0001565: Using the command of either /stop, or /stopBand, will stop the musician from playing.