Chapter 1.2 – The Patch With No Name

Chapter 1.2 brings the Acklay Cavedweller, the first in a series of new instances to Sentinels Republic.

Double XP

  • Double XP has ended!
  • Double XP has been extended!
  • March 20th through April 6th April 13th.
  • Double XP has been enabled for all non-Jedi professions.

If you have any issues starting Sentinels Republic from the Launcher, navigate to your Sentinels Republic installation directory and delete the “miles” folder then restart your Launcher.

Acklay Solo Instance:

  • Visit the Geonosian Cave and use the hatch located labeled “Acklay Solo” near the bottom of cave.
  • Chance to drop typical Acklay loot and some new decoration items.
  • 20 hour reset timer per character.
  • New schematics do not drop from the Cavedweller.

Geonosian Cave Acklay:

  • Where the Acklay use to nest, you will now find a egg. One of three Acklays is protecting it. If the egg is there, break it and prepare for a fight!
  • Long reset timer between spawns, but a high chance for both old and new loot items.
  • New Geonosian Carbine and Geonosian Drill Rifle.
  • New Geonosian Fighter Speeder.
  • New Speeder components.
  • New Acklay Data Module with 2 new combinations.
  • Five new unique rare decoration items.

SEA Removal Tool:

  • The SEA Removal Tool has received an overhaul.
  • You may now pick what SEA you would like to attempt to retrieve from a piece of armor or clothing.
  • Player’s skills and armor/clothing repair skill mods now determine the success to extract an SEA from a piece of armor or clothing.
  • You are guaranteed to retrieve at least one SEA regardless of skills or skill mods, skills and skill mods increase your chances for each subsequent SEA retrieval.

The following increase the chance for extracting an SEA from a piece of armor:

  • Novice Armorsmith.
  • Master Armorsmith.
  • Armor Repair skill mod.

The following increase the chance for extracting an SEA from a piece of clothing:

  • Novice Tailor.
  • Master Tailor.
  • Clothing Repair skill mod.

The follow skill mod increases the chance for extracting an SEA from a piece of armor or clothing:

  • Force Sensitive Luck

The following skill mods can no longer be extracted using an SEA Removal Tool due to their inclusion in Bio-Engineered clothing and ability to be crafted with high stat modifiers:

PLEASE NOTE : If you have ANY of the tapes below in an an item and you add ANY other tapes, then NO tapes will be retrievable from that item.
  • Dancing Wound Healing
  • Dance Battle Fatigue Healing
  • Music Would Healing
  • Music Battle Fatigue Healing
  • Medic Wound Healing
  • Medic Would Treatment Speed
  • Healing Range
  • Med Use
  • Creature Taming
  • Creature Agro Taming
  • Creature Harvesting
  • Camping
  • Stun Defense
  • War Cry


  • Duplicator Hint Data Disk:
    • Obtained as a random drop from any of the mobs in the high end Taanab dungeons, these Data Disks will give you the combinations for the Duplicator Prototype.
    • When you loot the item, no combination will be encoded onto the disk. Once you use the disk, the combination is permanently encoded to be viewed an unlimited number of times. Possible combinations are broken down into 3 rarities: common, uncommon and rare.
    • Slicing the disk with a Smuggler will yield the possibility for a better combination.
  • Bounty Hunters’ Guild Backpack

    Redeeding a Harvester or Generator with sufficient maintenance and an empty hopper will no longer ask for a code to redeed the installation. This will allow crafters to more easily move their harvesters when a resource shifts.

  • Bounty Hunters’ Guild Backpack:
    • 65 Slots
    • Unique appearance
    • Drops as a 2 use schematic, craftable by Master Tailors.
    • No stats
  • Faction Specific Cloners:
    • Imperials may now clone to the Imperial Outpost on Talus.
    • Rebels may now clone to the Rebel Outpost on Rori.
  • Commando:
    • We are changing the skill trees in Commando to curve the uses of Flamethrower in conjunction with the Bounty Hunter profession. Due to the introduction of Special Heavy Weapon skill tapes and the skill point reduction of scout from 15 points to 5, we’ve made some changes to balance this profession combination choice.
    • Flamethrowers no longer do a 1.5x damage modifier against PvP targets who are knocked down. (No PvE changes)
    • Abilities:
      • Moved Carbine abilities and skill mods to the Heavy Support Weapon tree.
      • Moved Special Heavy Weapon Cone Attack 1 special to Heavy Assault III (xxx3) in Commando.
      • Moved Special Heavy Weapon Single Attack 2 to Master Commando.
    • Skill Mods:
      • Lowered Carbine Speed and Accuracy skill mods in the Commando profession from 60 speed and 70 accuracy to 30 speed and 40 accuracy.
      • Moved Special Heavy Weapons Accuracy skill mods to the Heavy Assault tree (xxx0) in Commando.
      • Moved 5 Special Heavy Weapon Speed and 5 Special Heavy Weapon Accuracy to Explosives II (2xxx) in Commando.
      • Moved 5 Special Heavy Weapon Speed and 15 Special Heavy Weapon Accuracy to Explosives IV (2xxx) in Commando.
      • Moved 5 Special Heavy Weapon Speed from Special Heavy Weapon IV to Master Commando.
      • Removed 15 Special Heavy Weapon Accuracy from the Commando profession.
    • Commando skill box descriptions have been updated to reflect the above changes.
  • Bounty Hunter:
    • A player’s Bounty Hunter mission can only be held by 3 BHs at a time.
  • Jedi:
    • Avoid Incap is now a 15 second buff with a 30 second cooldown.
    • Lowered Avoid Incap force cost to 600.
  • Squad Leader:
    • Squad leader buffs now have a range of 120m.
  • Schematics obtained from the Pandath Loot Kit Vendor now have increased uses.
    • Expanded Travel Pack: 1 use to 2
    • Tank Farms: 1 use to 3
    • Camping Chairs: 1 use to 3
    • Camping Cot: 1 use to 3
    • Mining Table: 1 use to 3
    • City Planters: 3 uses to 5
    • City Torches: 3 uses to 5
    • City Pavilions: 3 uses to 5
  • Acklay Bones now have names to indicate theirs stats:
    • Acklay Bones: Normal common Acklay Bones (Vanilla)
    • Sharpened Acklay Bones: Old “Rare” Acklay Bones
    • Gleaming Acklay Bones: Common Acklay Bones with high stack cones.
    • Crushed Acklay Bones: Mix between common and sharpened, chance for slightly higher damage and use count but with a wider range and lower min damage.
  • You may now call a pet inside of a private structure which you have admin rights to.
  • Norulac Raider Captains no longer have a chance to wield stun batons.
  • Rogue Bounty Hunter Level 4 BH mission now drops a Bounty Hunters’ Guild backpack schematic instead of a statted backpack.
  • Player City Bazaars now show the skill and city rank requirements on their deeds description.
  • Improved Installation Beacon efficiency.
  • Squad Leader:
    • Squad Leaders will now correctly receive XP on some planets in some locations, most notably the northern section of Naboo between the cliffs and the coast.
  • Components obtained from the Duplicator Prototype lacked serial numbers which prevented them from being used in crafting.
    • Newly obtained Mekuun Speeder Lift Cores and Kalibac Industries Hover Module can now be used when crafting speeders.
    • If you have an old component without a serial number, please contact a member of the team to obtain a new item.
  • Listing an item on a vendor will now reset its rotation. This prevents the ability to purchase an item and unknowingly having a rotation set by the seller that could place the item below the floor.
  • Tatooine Vista collection items now display the correct menu “collect” name.
  • Invasive Species Droid now properly drops its third loot group.
  • Gamorrean Battleaxe from Jabba’s Themepark is no longer disabled.
  • Fixed a naming inconsistency when adding charges to the Sarlacc Trash Can or Harvester Resource Extractor.
  • Fixed the description for the Place Bazaar skill in Politician.

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