Chapter 1.1: Ewok Festival of Love

Ewok Festival of Love

February 24th – March 20th

  • The Ewok Festival of Love has ended.
  • Allay loo ta nuv! – The Ewok Festival of Love has begun in Tyrena, Kaadara and the Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor.
  • Kyoopid may be late this year, but he’s here to spread love day joy for an entire month!
  • Earn Ewok Chak Hearts by playing matchmaker between couples in Tyrena or Kaadara or bundling love cards in all three locations. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Kyoopid. You may also want to have a few words with the Chief.
  • Changes:
    • Event start and end date to compensate for late start.
    • Lowered bad match cool down to 1 minute
    • Lowered daily cool down timer to 20 hours from 24 for Match making quest.
    • It is not longer a requirement to store your companion to finish the quest.
    • Companion will now give a response when you’ve completed your quest.
    • L-O53 has a response for when a player tries to get a second companion when they’re in the process of turning in the quest.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fallback for Love day companions persisting after a server restart.
    • Players can no longer interact with other player’s love day companions.
    • Companions are removed from the world in all scenarios.


  • SR Coins now drop from boss and mini-bosses on Taanab.
  • Readded some trainers back to Pandath on Taanab
  • Duplicator collection quest item menu now display a collect menu which better reflects the collection items.
  • Pandath Shuttle player loading location.
  • Duplicator and Sarlacc Menu Components now always show options regardless of whether items are in the container.
  • Relic and Artifact Data Module loot drop chances.
  • Adjusted Krayt and Tanrat high end loot options.
  • Slight increase to HAM on high end Krayt and Tanrat creatures. (~50k+)
  • Cap on creature levels for looted weapons on high end mobiles. (Sanity check)
  • Increased speed and acceleration on Mustafar Panning Droid Speeder.
Bug Fixes:
  • Mos Espa racetrack will now grant a BARC Speeder component.
  • Player Diner house experimentation and assembly bonus.
  • Broken loot kit string on junk dealers.
  • Named color crystals will no longer drop from high end npcs with the color_crystal loot group.
  • Small Generic Windowed House Style 1 terminal and sign locations
  • Improved unarmed speed buff stim now drops.
  • TVA Data Disk combination now shows the correct items required.
  • Uncommon Data Modules no longer show the descriptions for Rare Data Modules.
  • Duplicator Collection quest incorrect location hints and items.
  • Reverted Snowspeeder speed to pre-Chapter 1. – If your Snowspeeder does not update automatically, please contact a member of staff for a replacement.

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