Publish 6 – Winter is Coming

Galactic Moon Festival

Jabba has grown tired of all the happiness in the galaxy, so he has announced the scariest event of the year! He has sent the Undead to infest the major hubs in the galaxy and they may show up at anytime. Stories have been circulating of strange spirits and a nasty vampire called Z’ozpheratu. Please show caution when traveling the Galaxy!

Winter is here!

The planet of Hoth now has new creatures, some that can be tamed, roaming the land. These new creatures have a leader that is hiding out in a cave somewhere. What’s more, there maybe be new loot on these creatures as well

There is also someone in the Scavenger Starport talking about a strange base that he will take you to. There seems to be some sort of battle between Jabba’s forces and pirates going on out there.

Finally, the imperial architects have stumbled upon new ways to move objects and you can now use the Pitch, Roll and Yaw commands.