Patch 5.12

Bug Fixes

  • Politician back to not requiring XP to level.
  • Fixed a graphical error in the Dromund Kaas mountains.
  • Fixed texture issue on swamp troopers in the gungan vs imp battle poi on Naboo.
  • Fixed an issue that you would look naked while wearing Bone Armor.
  • Hutts and Talz will now get equipment on character creation.
  • Hutts and Talz will no longer be given clothing on character creation.


  • No Build zone extended around Agro Outpost on Dantooine.
  • NGE housing now displays the correct building signs.
  • You will no longer clone into the jedi enclaves on Yavin 4 unless you are affiliated to it i.e. light or dark Jedi.
  • Harvesters can now be placed on Jakku.