Patch 6.3

The mysterious village seemed to appear out of nowhere and just as quick like that snow storm. Who were these little people running around the frozen waste lands of Hoth? Could they have anything to do with the random snow fall across the planets of Naboo, Corellia and Tatooine? It all seems very magical, perhaps the Wookiee’s Life Day priests could offer an explanation.

New Scavenger Outpost on Hoth

Security forces have taken over Scavenger Starport and made significant infrastructure changes. What could this mean for the future?

New vendor in Major Cities

New items vendor that allows you to buy houses and vehicles with SR Coins

Quality of Life Changes:


  • Remove fill on death so you can rebuff your food and drink


  • Improve chance of 4 sockets for Maxed Tailor and Armorsmith
  • Add post-craft color change to all clothing and armor
  • Fixed species restrictions so it does not exist on clothing and armor
  • Remove Stun from armor base


  • Make milking scale with scout/ranger – master ranger gets about 3x
  • Higher amount of eggs found, scale with scout/ranger – master ranger gets about 3x
  • Higher chance find eggs in a lair
  • Minimum Creature Harvesting amount set to 10 Units in caves


  • Improve chance of finding Sintari Prowlers
  • Improve health regen after channel force (twice as fast).


  • /paymaintenance command subtracts from cash or bank (if cash is empty)
  • Increased number of stored items in a house to cost in lots * 200 (a house worth 2 lots will hold 400 items)
  • Increased default number of stored pets to 5, faction pets to 5, vehicles to 5
  • Bazaar: Raise Auction credit listing from 20k to 30k credits, Raise max number of items from 25 to 30, Lower cost for Bazaar from 20 to 10
  • Vendor: Raise Vendor listing time from 30 to 90 days
  • Fix most belts to not hoola hoop when wearing them
  • Change vehicle deeds to look like the bike in inventory, examination and housing
  • Shuttle Ticket purchase range increased from 8m->20m