Patch 6.5


  • Removal of Christmas theming for Naboo, Tatooine and Corellia.
  • New texture updates for AT-XT, Lightsabers and Bone Armor.


  • Character creation timer to 12 hours
  • Xp increased to 5x
  • Tusken Rifle is now kinetic damage
  • Nym’s Slugthrower is now kinetic damage


  • Broadcast announcement when a new character is created in the Galaxy
  • NSFW chat channel – Unmoderated by Staff
  • Increase Group size to 50
  • Commando Revamp new skill of rapid fire and other fixes
  • GCW mobs will now randomly patrol


  • NGE Housing bonuses and stats
  • Bracelets
  • Ignore now works on SR Galaxy Chat
  • Loot drop chance on Krayt Dragons
  • Reduced decay on Bikes
  • Removed player housing from Moraband and Nal Hutta
  • Increase survey tool range for maxed surveyors
  • Increase music xp when crafting instruments
  • Changed Lantern Birds of Endor to drop avian meat
  • Increased buff duration for Entertainer District cities
  • Reduced pet and droid summons to 5 seconds
  • Reduced garden costs by 10%
  • Changed loot tables for Acklay
  • Scavenger Outpost wampa quest will now intitiate combat when speaking to the Wampa trainer
  • Loot drop chance for the wampa trainer
  • Changed certain spice stats
  • Changed BE Tissue bonuses
  • Being able to call a ship for Atmospheric when in combat
  • Placing GCW bases on new planets
  • New races can now equip PSG’s
  • CA/AA lists
  • CA/AA will once again show bonus and level in it’s name
  • New races can now equip certain weapons
  • XP system in game.. Jedi and FS xp will now be a flat 2x XP and won’t be included in any double xp events. All other professions will gain 5x XP or 10x at double xp events. We have also removed the requirement to be grouped to gain the bonus.
  • A couple convo issues with sean trenwell and victor’s slums
  • Various elections convo issues
  • Login server requests galaxy port and population from mysql every time instead of once on load
  • Object destroys not getting sent to all in range objects in cases where there is a custom out of range value.
  • Some out of bounds exceptions logging in Entertainer
  • SEA will now only display one stat again due to secondary ones not working anyway
  • Increased socket chance had reverted back to default settings
  • Combat XP rates to 1/5th of weapon XP
  • GCW mob’s will now spawn and change in Hanna City Chandrila
  • Housing item limit been once again raised to 200 items per lot
  • New BE tissues should now apply to clothes.

Housing Bonuses:

  • Commando: Armor and Weapon Smith Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Jedi Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • Sith Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • VIP bunker: Tailor Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Diner: Chef Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Relaxation House: Salon
  • Sandcrawler: Droid Engineer and Structure Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Tree House: Bio-Engineer Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Vehicle Garage: Artisan Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Player Hospital: Med Assembly +10, Experimentation+5, Med buff 115

Spice Changes

(D = Duration, H = Health S = Strength, St = Stamina, A = Action etc.)

  • Sweetblossum – H:750, S:450, C:450, D:200
  • Yarrock – M:300, F:300, W:300, D:1200
  • Pyrepenol – A:750, St:450, Q:450, D:300
  • Sedative h4B – H:1250, A:1250, M:1250 D:180
  • Zyopolene Droid – W:1250, D:180
  • Crash and Burn – A:300, St:300, Q:300, D:1200
  • Gunjack – H:300, S:300, C:300, D:1200
  • Thrusterhead – M:750, F:450, W:450, D:300
  • Booster Blue – H:200, S:200, C:200, A:200, St:200, Q:200, D:600

BE Tissue Changes

  • Confidence Cloth: block/dodge
  • Fear Release: warcry/intimidate
  • Toughened Fibers: stun/ranged
  • Tensile Resistance: stun/melee
  • Passive reflex: healing range/
  • Visual Camouflage: take cover/
  • Bio Nanobots:Droid find speed/droid find chance
  • Scent neutralization: camouflage/mask scent
  • Constrictor Cloth: dizzy/
  • Coagulant Agents: bleeding defense/
  • Passive Tranquilizers: harvesting/camps
  • Active Tranquilizers: tame on aggro/ tame aggro
  • Passive Biosensors: medical use/ healing wound speed (medical use is currently disabled, so please just note whether or not it applies correctly to the item)
  • Active Biosensors: injury treatment/wound treatment
  • Myoflex Cloth Treatment: heal dance bf/heal music bf
  • Enhanced Myoflex Treatment: heal dance wounds/heal music wounds


  • Modified SREmu Launcher for increased Newsfeed window.