Patch 1.6.4 – Double XP Ends

Happy Vesak (Buddha Day) to those in our community who celebrate the anniversary.
Double XP has now been removed and we have reverted to the SR standard as show below.
  • 5x Experience in Combat
  • 5x Experience for Crafting
  • 5x Experience for Entertainer
  • 5x Experience on Slices and Investigation
  • 5x Experience on Scouting and Medicine
  • 2x Jedi XP

Changes since last patch:
[FIXED] Prevent Jedi heal whilst wearing a holoshroud.  This was sometimes causing CTDs for clients with toons in observer range.
[ADDED] Admin ability to reset a Jedi’s trainer when that trainer is being uncooperative.
[ADDED] Drama Gualama added to event mobs
[UPDATED] Pumpkin Patch Screenplay – new objects added to make it more generic for future events
[FIXED] Giant Gaping Spider Recluse – part of Slayer quest – mob had wrong name.  Additional fix needed for journal entry.
[FIXED] VIP Bunker loot item definition incorrect
[WEBSITE] Server software updated
[MANTIS] New status testing added

Mantis Bug Fixes :

0001037: Unable to drop Knight
0001043: Anakin’s Razor-Ulzer Podracer generates as disabled
0001039: Equipment Factory got a stocked schematic cant use for nothing
0000969: civilian barc rubberbanding
0001076: Giant Gaping Spider Recluse
0001044: Badge String Constant
0001046: Structure module decor (Series 3) [5/5] + [4/5] not selectable
0001085: duplicate ressources
0001045: Not craftable Dejarik Table schematic
0000406: Launcher Skill Planner Link Leads to Homepage
0001088: Weapon Certification invalid
0001052: Useless/Bugged Item from Sarlacc
0001061: Hi I looted a AA some time back that was a bit funny
0000674: Rancor hide on vendor missing item name.
0000912: Force progression Tree Buggy
0000928: Disarming shot
0001094: Spider Hunter Slayer Quest
0001098: DNA Harvesting in Scout Trapping / Master bugged as well as Ranger Wayfaring & Master
0001107: Cannot apply Armor Attachments to Ubese Armor Shirts
0001014: Force tree progression messed up
0001122: GEO/snowspeeder in deed not dropable form
0001118: FS Branch: Crafting Mastery: Repair. Can’t complete quest.