Chapter 1.7 – It’s NOT JUST All About That Base

  • GCW
    • Planetary base cap reduced to 9
    • Bases may now only be placed by a member of the relevant faction
    • Bases require a minimum rank to place, depending on the type of base
      • The top PvP bases require Colonel to place.
      • The bottom PvE bases require 2nd Lt. to place.
      • All bases require at least officer rank to place.
      • PvE bases do not require a rank as high as PvP bases for the same level of base.
    • Free PvE bases are no longer given with SF base purchases
    • Faction bases may no longer be traded
    • Faction base costs equalised across factions
    • only 2 faction bases may exist within a 600m radius
    • Bases can not be placed within 250 metres of a building, except if in a city and placed by the mayor
    • Faction farming with a faction pet no longer gains faction
  • Professions
    • Bounty Hunter
      • 20 hour bounty cooldown – timer that prevents same BH from taking a bounty for 20 hours after failure/surrender will now apply to all toons on that account.
    • Creature Handler
      • Arachne Queens and Bark Mite Burrower Queens have been found spawning babies on Endor.
      • Creature Handlers may now teach their pets the Taunt Target command, allowing their pets to distract their targets from the handler.
      • A rare baby spawn has been added to Mandalore, only one of these will exist at a time and they could be anywhere on the planet.
        • Bolotaur are non-CH usable tamable mounts
        • Varactyl are CH-only tamable mounts
  • Merchant
    • Relist All Stockroom Items function added to vendors
    • Vendor sales for specific customer
      If you name an item to put on your vendor (or the container it’s in) as
      FOR: <playername> + eg. FOR: mafs
      then only that player will be able to buy it from your vendor
  • Misc
    • Strings – fixed many missing strings, mainly for skills/species.
    • NPC LS wielders may now have blade colours other than red
    • Added : Storm Goggles
      (low chance drop in standard Hoth loot tables)
      Prevents blinded state from storm damage.
    • RIS Armour boots should now be craftable with sockets.
    • Schematics for New Vehicles added
      • Anakin Skywalker’s Radon Ulzer Podracer
      • IPG-X1131 Longtail Podracer
    • Lootkits added for new podracers
      • obtainable from the lootkit vendor outside Pandath Starport on Taanab
    • Dejarik table schematic added to the Locked Briefcase and Sarlacc Trashcan loot.
    • New mobs added to Mandalore, and lair spawns (fanned rawl hunter)
    • Tanrat and Krayt loot groups improved slightly
    • Krayt Tissues – Uncommon Loot Group – Stats Improved
    • The Listener POI and decor added to Naboo
    • Corvette quest help text from ticket givers improved when a quest is already active
  • Server Stuff
    • console command working to disable PVP on the server without requiring a restart.
    • console command created to disable PVP Chat in the PVP channel without requiring a restart.
    • debug code : hopefully to fix server crashes caused by the forcePeace mechanism, which in turn will hopefully stop the Morag Madness event from crashing the
    • servercreateEventLoot command changed to reduce chance of giving paintings while adding the top end game loot into the mix. Also displays correct syntax now when used (range/level).
    • Staff tool to respawn the varactyl/bolotaur baby as the taming observer is not yet working.
    • new server command to allow staff to refresh the message of the day
  • Racetracks
    • New racetracks now on Taanab, Chandrila and Mandalore., giving rewards to be used in the new vehicle lootkits.
  • Elites
    • Gorax Elite spawn added to Endor
    • Elite Probot Droid spawns added to Chandrila
    • Wild Fire Breathing Spider Elite spawn added to Yavin IV
  • Sullust
    • PvP Battlefield planet added to SR
      Visit a Battlefield Coordinator (usually found hanging out in hotels or taverns in NPC cities) to get a transfer to the Sullust staging areas. The battlefields are not currently available, but feedback on the staging areas is welcome in the #test-discussion channel on Discord.
  • Galder
    Yet again, more amazing artwork from Galder is now in game.
    2 new painting lootkits are available for free from the vendor at the side of Pandath starport.  Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Boba Fett’s infamous ship, Slave 1 are the subjects of these masterpieces.
    Take a look at more of his artwork here

Mantis Resolved/Closed

  • 0001160: Datapad picture for reptilian fliers
    • DATAPAD appearances fixed for :
    • ancient_reptilian_flier
    • enraged_reptilian_flier
    • mature_reptilian_flier
    • reptilian_flier
    • blight_boar
    • desert_razorback
    • razorback_felspur
    • wild_dune_boar
    • zucca_boar
  • 0001175:: location issue on halliol bosses quest
  • 0001165: mob placement – darth caedus cave
  • 0001125: Giant Tanrat missing ls resist
  • 0001149: Compact moisture harvester cannot be used on Dathmir
  • 0001161: trapped by buildings
  • 0001164: /ui action targetatcursor seems to be broken
  • 0001169: Onap weapon bugged
  • more. lots more.

All resolved tickets marked as closed.