Chapter 1.6 – Lifeday Celebrations


  • DOUBLE XP for combat and crafting activated.
  • Hoth World Boss
    • A new threat is growing in the galaxy. A Dark Jedi Prophet has learned of an ancient Trandoshan prophecy. Will he prevail in finding this pre-Old Republic-Era relic? Or will the galaxy come together to aid the Trandoshan Relic Keepers with their information gathering on Hoth?
      Please not that the World Boss is not finalised in this release. It will require balancing with large groups of players and so will remain admin-managed until such time as it is deemed ready to be unleashed as a player generated event.
  • Galder
    • More amazing artwork from Galder is now in game.
      A painting lootkit is available for free from the vendor at the side of Pandath starport.  The beautiful painting depicts the eternal battle between Light and Dark  and adds to the collection of Darth Malak, Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Maul portraits.
      Take a look at more of his artwork here
  • Wall packs 7 & 8
    • 2 new wall pack schematics have been added to game for your decorating pleasure.
    • Schematics for Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 have a chance to be found in locked containers – you’ll need the help of a smuggler to gain access to these.
    • Schematics for Packs 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be obtained at events.
    • Schematics for all wall packs have a chance of dropping from Mandalore clan mobs.
      CREDITS: Borrie
  • Sarlacc Trashcan
    • Added chance of the Sarlacc Trashcan burping, 1% chance per item consumed.  Burp will cause the Sarlacc Trashcan to disgorge a random item.
  • Locked Briefcases
    • Looted locked briefcases are now sliceable by Smugglers.  As you’d expect in a briefcase, you will find documents, schematics, maps etc.
  • Wanted Posters
    • Malace, Nadino and Tatsu Wanted Posters will now drop at events.
  • Resource Info For Factory
    • Choosing List Ingredients Needed For Schematic on a factory will now display the class and family name of the resource, as well as the actual resource name.


  • Prophet Jedgar screenplay rewritten
  • Website software updates
  • LOOT: Please note that NO Loot updates had been implemented before this update.
    • Mandalore Dungeons
      • continue to balance and improve the drop of loots from Mandalore dungeon mobs
      • added chance of additional drops from Mandalore bosses.
    • Solo Acklay
      • Main Acklay rare loot group added as a 2% chance of the second item loot drop (80% chance)
    • Locked Containers : Top end loot added as a rare chance of being in the container.
    • Top end loot added to new Locked Briefcase, Treasure Maps and Sarlacc Trashcan Burp loot.
    • Lowered junk weapons chance on Axkva Min, improved better loot chance.
    • Junk loot group tweaked.
      • L3/L4 Duplicator Modules added to Junk loot group.
    • Forage rare loot group tweaked and fixed
    • Imperial Theme Park loots (Stock, Scope, Barrel) added to top end loot group.
  • Elite Mobs will now have a random delay on their spawn on server startup.
  • Elite Mobs – added additional possible spawn areas for some mobs.
  • Removed GIT updates from the message of the day.  Made it more readable.
  • Some conversations in the Geonosian Cave on Yavin IV rewritten to make sense.
  • Bestine Election – debug information removed from screenplay
  • Increased HAM buffs and duration from Blue Frog
  • Added Blue Frog outside Geo Caves on TS.
  • Vendor : if you offer an item to a vendor and the vendor owner rejects it, a waypoint to the vendor will be included in the notification email.
  • Bruce McBrain moved to alcove opposite in Jabba’s Palace entrance hall, to stop people accidentally taking the neutral Corellian Corvette mission and not realising, then being unable to take other missions later because they’re already on one.
  • Text changes in Ancient Terentarek Screenplay.


  • String errors on Galder’s Grand Moff Tarkin Loot Kit
  • Tansarii Crafting Merchant will now only accept one batch of requirements from each toon, until the requirement changes.
  • Wall Pack loot drops fixed.
  • Flame appearance fixed for destroyed speeders and campfires around the galaxy, and probably other things.
  • Issue with Axkva Min respawn.
  • Expanded Travel Pack Schematic can now be learned and crafted.
  • Some typos in city strings file
  • Gurk King locations on Lok set to NOBUILD and NOSPAWN to prevent lairs from flattening the hills and covering the Shrines.

Mantis Resolved/Closed

  • 0000638: EXP going over regular allowed cap
  • 0000959: The cantina in Moenia, unable to go out the back door
  • 0000955: Stored Pets Tapes Do Not Work
  • 0000967: Nightsister Intricate Boots do not show up in list of learned schematics after being learned
  • 0000945: Geonosian Caves – Lost Assistant Quest
  • 0000947: Ruined sith complex – jedgar
  • 0000987: Unable to pick up Items in my House
  • 0000984: Stat migration frozen
  • 0001003:  Rebel Recruiter found placed outside of City Limits
  • 0000993: The ‘Mandovial’ instrument claims a Master Musician does not have the skill to play it.
  • 0001012: Jedi Knight status bugged
  • 0000983: New Wall Packs #’s 1,2,&3 only allow 8 walls made vs 10 (#4 allows 10)
  • 0000974: New Wall Decor Item Cannot Be Clicked On Once Dropped/Placed
  • 0000971: RIS Left Bicep Resource Cost Higher Than Others
  • 0000980: Stuck in dead space
  • 0000999: Krayt loot drops
  • 0000316: cries of alderaan quest
  • 0000516: Nightsister Cave bugging / getting stuck.
  • 0000590: Spot where player gets stuck and can not be released.
  • 0000625: Pvp Deathblow pop-up
  • 0000601: Weird crashes on florrum during the event
  • 0000370: Quest cannot be finished
  • 0000972: Nightsister melee guardarm spawns with no condition
  • 0000875: Broken Combat String
  • 0001002: Cant learn the Expanded Travel pack Schematic
  • 0000508: the Great ‘heards’ poster duplication combination typo
  • 0000549: Combat Med Use +25 tape not registering
  • 0000377: Stored Pets clothing attachments do not work
  • 0001001: Cant use the 3 instances only 2
  • 0001026: City Rank Lowca Island Corellia

All resolved tickets marked as closed.

LS resists on certain mobs may or may not have been reverted

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