Chapter 1.6.1 – New Year’s Eve

The remaining parts of Chapter 1.6 have now been implemented.

Smugglers have been stealing valuable documents from both Imperial and Alliance administrations.Locked Briefcase
The locked briefcases that they use are quite distinctive, being green in colour.
Many of these briefcases have been lost or misplaced as agents of the factions have hunted down and killed the thieves.
The locking mechanisms on the briefcases will require a being with some skill at slicing, although they are not particularly complex.

The cloner at the Prophet Trooper’s Garrison on Dromund Kaas should no longer glitch as you leave it.

The Noisemaker trap will now display correctly when crafting and in inventory.

Beings around the galaxy have reported finding valuable items in :

  • Locked Containers
  • Sarlacc Trash Cans
  • Magseal Containers
  • various openable items throughout the galaxy (eg. the skeletons at Lost City of Durbin).

Professional Scavengers have reported that the chance of finding something useful is very rare. 

Citizens of Pandath have returned to their stations after a brief holiday.  Trainers are now back in the guild halls.

Mantis Tickets Closed


0001026: City Rank Lowca Island Corellia
0000307: Wall Glitch , making look like you stuck
0000373: Starting station stat migration with Chiss gives extra stat points
0000270: LD-1 rifle damage vs ingresdients
0001029: Yavin Mining Outpost, Yavin Mission terminals
0000604: Tantel has no arm coverage
0000951: Inventory skin for Noise Maker trap