Chapter 1.4 – “What was all that about?”


  • Jedi Visibility and Bounty Changes
    • Jedi Padawan and Initiates will not gain visibility when engaging in PvE content.
    • If a Padawan or Initiate participates in PvP then they will gain visibility while overt (SF) and may appear on the Bounty Terminals.
    • ANY player performing a deathblow on another player may have a bounty taken out on them by their victim. They will appear then on the Bounty Terminals.
    • Bounty Fob IDs for a player’s mission will change when that mission is fulfilled or expires.
    • Pre-existing bounties will still be on the terminals and can be taken.
  • Discord
    • !srcommands
      Type this into a Discord channel to receive a message giving you all the !sr commands that are available.
      Commonly asked questions now have information instantly available for you
  • Chat Channels
    • PvP Chat Channel
      • This channel is available for all things PvP.
        Any chat that is PvP related, whether bounties or GCW, should be in this channel.
        Kill notifications and possibly future battlefield and base messages will also appear here.
        SR server rules will apply to this channel.
    • Services Channel
      • This channel is to be used to advertise non-material services, such as Doctor and Entertainer buffs, city specialization messages etc. The Auction channel should now be used for selling goods only.
    • Roleplay Channel
      • For those wishing to remain in-character while chatting. No out-of-character chat in here please.
  • Wall packs 3 & 4
    • 2 new wall pack schematics have been added to game for your decorating pleasure.
    • Schematics for Packs 1 and 3 have a chance to be found in locked containers – you’ll need the help of a smuggler to gain access to these.
    • Schematics for Packs 2 and 4 can be obtained at events.
      CREDITS: Amazing walls from Borrie
  • Wanted Posters
    • Keep an eye out for new Wanted Posters. Rumours are that Quandru, Miphstoe, Jolin, Slayer and Azsa are available.
  • Galder
    • The amazing artwork of Galder is now in game. Thanks to his generosity, we will be gaining some amazing assets in the future. Take a look at more of his artwork here
  • Special Clothing
    • Nightsister and Singing Mountain Clan clothing items are now available as craftable schematics. Rumour has them dropping in the vicinity of Axkva Min. Some of them require a Rancor Skin component.
  • Vehicles
    • The X-34 Landspeeder has been remodeled
    • A schematic for a Desert Skiff which allows you to take up to 7 companions with you has been discovered dropping from humanoids on Mandalore, as well as having been discovered in the Duplicator combinations. Removed from this patch due to passenger client-side stability issues. Intending to release in Chapter 1.5.
    • Rumour has it that schematics for the T47 Snowspeeder have been seen in Echo Base on Hoth. Rotta the Hutt appears to have acquired the plans for this sought-after vehicle.
  • Eye of Sauron
    • Admin tools to identify players who are exploiting, trading credits or accounts and performing other actions which are against the server’s rules or best interests.
  • Vendors
    • The Jawa nation has made an agreement with the Merchant Guild and Merchants may now hire Jawas as vendors for their wares.
    • Merchants will now receive an email when an item is offered to one of their vendors.
  • Mandalore
    • Loot added to all the humanoid mobs in the POI dungeons on Mandalore. Lots of loot.


  • Building Ban List
    • Increased the number of names that can be added to a building’s ban list.
  • Jungle Mite resource on Taanab
    • Scaley hide added to Jungle Mites.
  • Some admin commands
    • Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Pandath repopulated
    • After issues with the gas and water services in Pandath were resolved, local residents and the Taanab Defence force have now moved back in to the city.
  • Axkva Min
    • The rewards for defeating this evil with have been improved and access to more of her hoard is possible.
  • Taanab Loot Kits
    • All loot kits obtained from the Loot Kit Vendor outside Pandath Starport are now free to all.
  • Creature Handler
    • Max taming level +10 (depending on skills)
    • Max stored pets +5 (depending on skills)
    • Hook for future pet_tauntenemy command added
  • Corellian Droid Factory
    • This facility is now operating again. Please be aware the patrolling droideka may sometimes not respawn, meaning that you will not be able to complete the kill xxx droideka quest until after a server restart.  This issue is known and planned in to be worked on.
  • Fishing
    • take skills into account when fishing and filleting fish (meat yield)
      Bonuses from Novice/Master Scout/Ranger, Scout Survival, Ranger Tracking


  • Torso Shot Potency
    • Value reset back to 0 from 30, which will give a potency of 150
  • Bestine Signs
    • Various custom signs in Bestine that just read “Sign” have been given more meaningful descriptions.
  • Spray Shot
    • Dizzy chance changed from 85 to 70
  • Armour
    • Cannot be crafted with negative encumbrance values.
  • Server stability
    • Removed the potential for some server crashes


  • ThePit Chat Channel
    • Repurposed as PvP channel.

Mantis Resolved/Closed

  • 0000508: the Great ‘heards’ poster duplication combination typo
  • 0000561: Guild Status window has indent / spacing issue
  • 0000569: Arcon Multinode farmer camp missions from the terminal at starhunter station
  • 0000567: Taanab Scaley Hide
  • 0000339: Missing instruments quest
  • 0000330: Floating building on mandalore
  • 0000192: Admin command
  • 0000171: Mabari Armorweave chest does not protect arms.
  • 0000162: Issue with Armoured Droid making due to the armour revamp.
  • 0000159: Vendors in structures
  • 0000155: Explorer Hunt missions
  • 0000154: Building exit blocked
  • 0000150: Medium Naboo House Style 1 Signage wrong
  • 0000137: Vendor Items added to vendors are being placed for higher value than wanted
  • 0000125: Resource has wrong properties on Galaxy Harvester
  • 0000279: LIVE – stick and floating painting issue.
  • 0000592: skill modifier limitation = 6, but no validation message
  • 0000585: Broken chair sitting/character mechanic
  • 0000598: Tanrat Gland appearance
  • 0000560: Not show the % of stat for crating a DXR6 Distruptor
  • 0000568: /addignore’d players / friendslist
  • 0000443: Never Ending Spice Downer
  • 0000280: Friends list resets on Jakku
  • 0000582: phase 4 healing quest
  • 0000574: Issues with Kadann
  • 0000562: Kadann not resetting FS skill points after kill.
  • 0000334: Typo in village XP conversion
  • 0000593: Dageerin Conversation updates to reflect village timers
  • 0000605: Mobs not dropping the correct meat resource
  • 0000421: Object with radial menu in a non player city house not working

All Resolved tickets marked as closed.

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