Patch 8.1 – Hotfixes

Hotfix – January 3rd, 2019

Life Day:

  • Life Day has ended.
  • Double XP has ended.

Elite NPCs

  • About:
    • New type of encounter.
    • Spawns randomly at different locations throughout the galaxy.
    • Guaranteed loot.
  • Antarian Ranger Outcast:
    • 2 spawns on Chandrila
    • 2 spawns on Taanab
    • Loot: New Elite Hunters Camp (Limited use schematic)
  • Jedi Watchman:
    • 1 spawn on Dantooine
    • Long respawn, spawns in a wide variety of locations.
    • Loot: Two named color crystals previously inaccessible through regular content or other high end Jedi related loot.


  • Added Resource Stacks display family name, class and type as their resource container name.
    • Splitting an existing stack and condensing it onto the “new” split stack will rename the resource container.
  • Added DX Disruptor Array to rare junk loot group.


  • Updated new player welcome message.
  • Server will no longer broadcast when a new player bounty mission is available.
  • Increased size of Xenoboric Lance.
  • Removed attackable NPCs from exterior of Kaas Smugglers OP.


  • Fixed GHA Slayer Quest bug stopping players from dropping or completing missions.
  • Fixed Space Battle hologram name and description.
  • Fixed Clone Wars Grievious painting name and description.
  • Fixed Trooper painting name and description.
  • Fixed Bothan Female painting.
  • Fixed Fighter Pilot Human painting.
  • Fixed mismatch error with halloween painting loot group.
  • Fixed Sayormi Mobile loot.


Double XP – December 21st to January 3rd

  • 10x Combat, Scout, Medic, Crafting, Entertainer, Slicing and Investigation XP
  • Double XP has ended


Hotfix – December 11th, 2018

Life Day:

  • Invasions:
    • Krampus has been significantly nerfed (Stop trying to kill him, behave instead!)
    • Soloing an invasion will now result in more punishment than just Krampus.
    • Players now receive a warning message on every attempt to solo an invasion.
    • Doing an invasion with other players will result in an increased loot chance.
  • Loot:
    • Crafted Life Day Presents can no longer be made into a factory crate. (If you exploited this, we will find you and we will kill you)
    • Added more jokes to the Life Day Crackers.
    • Added additional warning to the Big Red Buttons.
  • WhoVille:
    • Tavern in WhoVille now has decorations.

Updated Locations:

  • Kaas:
    • Kaas Smuggler’s Outpost has been completely redone with new buildings, scenery, terminals and NPCs.
      • Note: Players may crash upon cloning at the Smugglers Outpost’s cloner.
    • Kaas Prophet (Imperial) Garrison has some new scenery.
    • Ruined Sith Complex has some new scenery.
  • Jakku:
    • Cratertown has been completely redone with new buildings, scenery and terminals. Currently a work in progress.
    • Smuggler shuttle to the Battlefield and Recruiters have been moved to reflect the building and scenery changes at Cratertown.
    • When leaving the Battleground on Jakku, players now have the ability to shuttle to an additional faction specific location off planet.


  • Fixed Event Mobs dropping SR Coins (Sorry, that was never intentional)

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