Patch 7.2 – One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary:

  • Meet with Despolo Wice in Theed to receive your One Year Anniversary rewards!
    • Warning, some rewards are dangerous.
  • Celebrations:


  • One Year Anniversary Quest – Talk to Despolo Wice in Theed to claim an item to start the quest.
    • Reward can be recharged from the SR Vendor on Tansarii Station.
  • Adjusted: Lowered resists on droids in Corellian Droid Factory.
  • Added: Added a system message when an SEA component has been created.

Planet Changes:


  • Downed Ship POI: Black Sun NPCs are on a permanent vacation, Hidden Daggers have taken their place.


  • Sith Shadow NPCs no longer roam the ruins.
  • Hidden Enclave: Changed to Force Crystal Hunter NPCs.

Travel Changes:

Civilian interplanetary transport services have updated their offerings!

  • Routes:
    • Tansarii Station: You may now shuttle to Tansarii Station from any planet.
  • Prices:
    • 500 credits between Naboo, Corellia and Tatooine.
    • 300 credits to the moons Rori, Talus and Lok, from their parent planets Naboo, Corellia and Tatooine.
    • 750 credits to Dantooine, Lok, Taanab and Tansarii.
    • 500 credits to Tansarii from Naboo, Rori and Taanab.
    • 1500 credits to Dathomir, Endor and Yavin 4.
    • 1750 credits to Mandalore, Hoth, Chandrila, Dromund Kaas, Moraband, Coruscant and Jakku.


  • Armor and Clothing skill mods no longer work at 0 condition. Credit to Infinity
    • Note: Veteran Reward Goggles can be repaired.
  • Attachments can be retrieved from wearables using and SEA Removal Tool, obtained from Tulon Voidgazer inside the Geonosian research facility.


  • Combat missions increased to 12 per page


  • Adjusted: Increased Saber Block penetration slightly for players

Buff NPCs:

  • Changed: Server Restart NPC Buffs now costs 10k for 2500 HA + 1000 M for one hour. Buff NPCs are still only available for an hour after server restart.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Objects would flicker in the player’s inventory
  • Fixed: LOD issue where some clothing items would appear invisible on character models. (No more streaking, sorry people.)
  • Fixed: Kaas Weapons draft schematics weren’t displaying properly in crafting tools and datapad.
  • Fixed: Two Handed Scythe draft schematic wasn’t displaying properly in crafting tools and datapad.
  • Fixed: SEA removal tool no longer will act as a molecular clamp during slicing.

Merged Latest SWGEmu Code:

(Thanks to all who’ve tested)

  • Fixed: Light Blaster Schematic [Shipwright]
  • Fixed: Check player access to building for Combat Medic poison/disease application
  • Fixed: Force Speed calculation
  • Fixed: Grenades not bypassing saberblock
  • Fixed: Heavy and Heavy Consumable weapons ignoring saberblock
  • Fixed: Player city skill trainers able to be placed while incapacitated or dead
  • Fixed: /recruit SUI able to be summoned while incapacitated or dead
  • Fixed: Player city skill trainers able to be placed in water
  • Fixed: Player’s ability to make a pet attack while player is swimming
  • Fixed: Force absorb force gain calculation
  • Fixed: Wrong bleeding defense mod on forceResistBleeding
  • Fixed: Tatooine region spawn coordinate typo
  • Fixed: Force weaken functionality
    • Note: This may need to be adjusted to fit our changes to make weaken viable in pve.
  • Fixed: Grovo spawn at nightsister stronghold
  • Fixed: Force Intimidate 2 area of effect range
  • Fixed: Minimum nutrition on several chef items
  • Fixed: KD/kneeling damage on initial hit of force choke
  • Fixed: PvP rating calculation error
  • Fixed: Factory blueprints consuming all identical single components in hopper at once
  • Added: Various stability fixes
  • Added: Force Ranking System [Up to date, will be active ONLY on test for now – Can blue frog it]
  • Added: Can restart knight trials to switch sides
  • Added: New Force attack damage handling method (will need significant testing)
    • Note: Emu lowered damage for this, while it’s been left the same here.
  • Changed: Increased Fast blast multiplier to better reflect live.
  • Changed: Fast blast split should now split properly.
  • Adjusted: Force choke damage calculation, round one
    • Note: Damage is still increased as per our server change
  • Adjusted: Max range of structure payMaintenance command increased

Note: Items not included in 7.2

  • Force Ranking System
  • Resources Audit
  • Player Bounty System
  • Armor Revamp

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