Tansarii Station

Built by Nova Orion Industries and located in orbit around Ord Mantell, Tansarii Station is travel hub and merchant head quarters.

On the top floors of Tansarii merchants are looking to trade Sentinel Republic Coins in exchange for goods. Speeders, vanity pets, furniture, holo-shroud costumes and much more.

Sell your goods to the Tansarii Crafting Courier, designed to help players start as Artisans and make a few credits.

Tansarii also hosts profession trainers of all sorts and a quick travel system for players who have explored the Galaxy.


Acquiring exploration badges on Sentinels Republic unlocks the ability for players to speak with Travel Agents to quick shuttle to specific locations, including the Death Watch Bunker, Geonosian Cave and new locations, such as the Ruins of Kaas City and many more.

Dromund Kaas

A planet in the Sith Worlds region of the Outer Rim Territories Esstran sector, originally a colony of the Sith Empire, the Emperor and remnants of the shattered Sith society. Quests and Dungeons Unique to Sentinels Republic, visit the swamps of Dromund Kaas, fight Jedi, take on the Prophet Troopers and survive the Terentatek.

New locations with new unique mechanics, new loot, weapons and components. Visit the Prophet Trooper Garrison, defeat Maarek Stele and Cronal. Explore the Ruins of Kaas City, track down Azrakel and the Elite Prophet Trooper, or conquer the temple below. Seek new treasures at the Ancient Tomb and destroy the possessed explorers.

New creatures await at the Mailoc and Gundark caves, each with new loot and trying battles.

Five new weapons can be obtained on Kaas, include a new lightsaber staff. New cybernetic schematics, furniture, jewelry and components can be acquired throughout the caves, bunkers and open areas of Dromund Kaas.

A Jedi on their journey to drop Force Sensitive skills will find this planet most intriguing.


The first of many World Events can be found on Dromund Kaas, the Ancient Terentatek. This mighty beast takes a small army to defeat, but the rewards are worth the battle.

Dromund Kaas is a world open to player housing and player cities. Set up shop or take apart in the GCW with a factional headquarters.


  • Prophet Trooper Garrison
  • Smugglers Outpost


  • Ruins of Kaas City
  • Dark Force Temple
  • Ruined Sith Complex
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Abandoned Separatist Facility
  • Dark Force Shrine
  • Gundark Cave
  • Mailoc Cave


Located in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy on the Perlemian Trade Route, The world is home to several agricultural projects which create food used to feed billions of inhabitants of Mid Rim & Outer Rim worlds.

Major hubs of Pandath and Starhunter Station, Taanab is home to unique creatures, such a Nerfs and many locations to visit.

Mining Facilities and Farms litter the planet, with caves, bunkers and even crash starships to explore.

Taanab is available for player housing and player cities.


  • Pandath
  • Starhunter Station



  • Taanab Shipwreck
  • Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings
  • Taanab Mining Facility
  • The Great Herds
  • Painted Hills


A remote, icy planet that was the sixth planet in the star system of the same name. Home to Echo Base, Wampas, Tauntauns and frigid snow storms, Hoth’s climate is a hostile environment for only the bravest of travelers.

Hoth is an inhospitable environment with deadly blizzards and dangerous wildlife.


  • Scavenger Outpost



  • Echo Base
  • Great Wampa Cave
  • Frozen Lake


Jakku is a remote desert planet located in the Jakku system, within the Western Reaches of the galaxy’s Inner Rim, Though considered by many within the galaxy to be a distant and relatively worthless, it became home to the important events that would shape galactic history, in 5 ABY Jakku was the site of the pivotal Battle of Jakku, which ended the Galactic Civil War in favor of the New Republic.

Jakku was once covered in lush green forests and oceans but past calamity turned the planet into a barren scorched desert wasteland, it hosted the Wheel Races in the north and mining operations dotted around the planet.

The planet is now full of scavengers and the Niima Outpost is considered the only real major settlement on the planet although there are a few smaller settlements like Reestkii and Cratertown.


The Galactic Civil War in full swing, take part in the fierce battles between the Empire and Rebellion rage on the planets surface. Speak with the Jakku recruiter at Crater Town to join the fight!


  • Crater Town


  • Battle of Jakku


Mandalore is located in the Outer Rim Territories and is the homeworld of Mandalorians, a fearsome and warmongering people who wear distinctive armor and are feared throughout the galaxy, It was also the only known world in the galaxy, with the exception of its moon Concordia, to possess the unique, nearly indestructible iron ore known as beskar, an element capable of withstanding blows from even a lightsaber.

The terrain is made up of forests, jungles, deserts, seas and grass plains, Sundari is the main city for the planet.


  • Keldabe
  • Sundari
  • Bralsin
  • Shuror
  • Norg Bral
  • Enceri



  • Mandalore Imperial Garrison
  • Cave of Darth Caedus
  • Bralor Clan Headquarters
  • Shadow Collective Hideout
  • Vizsla Hideout
  • Peace Park
  • Taung Warrior Bunker
  • Pyke Syndicate Headquarters


Capital of the galaxy and is known for its cosmopolitan population and culture, the towering skyscrapers of Galactic City and its long history as the center of political power.

Coruscant was the location of the Jedi Temple which served as the headquarters of the Jedi Order, until Order 66 was initiated by Emperor Palpatine, meaning the Imperials took control of the planet.

Coruscant was the birthplace of the Human species, who have eventually traveled, explored and colonized the rest of the galaxy



  • Spaceport District
  • Collective Commerce District
  • Monument Square
  • Entertainment District


Also known as Korriban is located in the Outer Rim and was home to the ancient Sith, a world of mountains and red sands which was abandoned after many ancient wars, the Valley of the Dark Lords is filled with tombs of ancient Sith Lords and was the final resting place of Darth Bane who created the Rule of Two. During the Clone Wars, Yoda ventured to the abandoned world as part of his journey to discover the secrets of eternal consciousness.

Once there, Yoda encountered a number of Sith spirits, including that of Darth Bane himself. As he ventured further into the Valley of the Dark Lords, he encountered visions created by Darth Sidious, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith who attempted to corrupt Yoda to help win the Clone Wars. The plan failed, and Yoda left Moraband behind.



  • Old Korriban Landing Site


  • Valley of the Dark Lords
  • Tomb of Darth Bane
  • Ancient Sith Academy


A small blue-green planet with calm seas and rolling hills it has mild seasonal weather and rarely experiences severe weather conditions.

The planets capital city is Hanna City which hosts the Senate House, the New Republic’s Galactic Senate was located here following the Battle of Endor. Mon Mothma hailed from Chandrila and represented her homeworld in the Senate of the Galatic Republic.

Inhabitants of Chandrila are overwhelmingly Human and due to government policy requiring small families has a low birth rate, keeping the world’s population at around 1.2 billion helping to keep a balanced ecosystem and environment.


  • Hanna City
  • Nayli Outpost



  • New Republic Senate
  • Chandriltech Research and Prototyping Facility
  • Crystal Canyon
  • The Silver Sea
  • Lake Sah’ot
  • Gladean State Park