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Event update February 2020

Official Event Listings and Discussion
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Event update February 2020


Post by Cozdragon » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:49 pm

As you are all aware the number of people attending events is continuing to rise. We are therefore going to make a few small changes that should improve things for everyone.

All events will be posted in all of these locations:
1) The website:
2) The forums:
3) The facebook page:
4) The facebook events area: ... e_internal
5) The twitter:
6) The NEW dedicated events announcements channel in Discord.
7) The events tab on the launcher
Please read the event information carefully.
The event taxi locations are stated on the adverts or in the caption. If you wish to attend an event then it is your responsibility to be at those locations. Taxies are opened 15 minutes before the event start time. We strongly urge all players to arrive before the start time so that we can sort groupings for those who are overt. The taxies will remain open for the first part of the event if you are late. We will no longer be able to port players to events or to taxi locations at any time.

At every event staff run a rez and buff macro, usually on a 30 second timer. It is spread over the area around the staff member leading the event. It is your responsibility to remain within the locality of that staff member. We are going to extend the area that we buff which should resolve some of the difficulties.

Running an event is hugely time consuming, each event takes somewhere between 5-10 hours when we consider the time taken to discuss, plan, prepare, set up and run the events. We run events to offer you a different experience within SWG, with a chance to meet and make friends as well as playing in a co-operative way with others. These changes should also make event management easier for the staff so that we are all able to enjoy events together.

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